Batten The Hatches- A Dark and Stormy MMP

Looks like I’ll be having a fun sort on Tuesday. Everybody in the path stay safe, and don’t forget to stock up on whiskey and TP.

First! Woot!

It’s warm and sunny over here, Doggio, looks like we will have another fairly hot day which does not make me happy because I’m working inside all day. I have lots of stuff to get through today for irk, one of which is setting up meetings with each of my team to talk about their concerns with going back to campus.

Our building is going to be “operational” by 21st August although that means it’s been risk-assessed and measures put in place to make it safe, but we are not expecting to be back until 14th September which is the week our international students should be arriving, if they choose to come to the UK. They have the option to take the entire semester online if they prefer (as do our home students) so we don’t know how many will physically wish to be here. The following week will be Welcome Week for everyone, also mostly online, and teaching begins on 28th September. Fun and games ahead, I think.

My weekend was good - cocktails and films on Friday, bootcamp on Saturday then a trip into town for essentials (blokie went for a haircut so I had to wait in the pub for him, such a tragedy), yesterday was a spin class at the gym, and a day of pottering around the house doing odd bits and pieces, and cooking a roast dinner last night. Oh, and I got a small bit of writing published so I feel quite chuffed about that!

Time for a cuppa now, and then onwards into the day!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 74 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 96 and mostly N.O.S. for the day and OMG humidity. In other words, ‘tis August in south Jawja. The big plan of the day is to defilthyfy da cave. No plans to be out and about at all. There may be some quality cee-mint pond time. Or not. Sup shall be salmon patties, smashed N.O.T., peas, and bizkits. I blame red cause she said salmon patties yestiddy and caused me to have a gnawin’ and a cravin’. I mentioned salmon patties to OYKW and he got a gnawin’ and a cravin’ as well.

BooFae yay about gettin’ your writin’ published! :champagne:

All y’all in the potential path of the unpronounceable hurricane stay safe!

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Good morning everyone. On second cuppa coffee, looking forward to hanging around and avoiding the heat here in Tejas. Even though cool for August it’ll still reach the mid-90s.

As a retiree, I continue answering the call to do nothing. So just binge-watching and trying to get various repair-dudes to fix stuff. In the last few months a lot of things broke and due to Covid-driven parts shortages it’s a pita to get them fixed. So far, the boat’s broke, the oven, the lawnmower, the dishwasher, and me (need surgery). I’ve only managed to fix the lawnmower, and that by buying a new one. Maybe today the appliance guy will call, or the marina, or maybe the surgeon’s office. Sigh… (first world problems, I know).

To the OP, stay safe and hope it’s just some rain for y’all.

Morning all. I’m too far west to get the hurricane fun this week, but we’re having our Daily Summer Thunderstorm early today–right now.

Must continue caffienation so I’ll be awake for irk in half an hour.

Morni… uh… afternoon all!

No hurricanes forecast here at present, though I may go stock up on booze anyway, just to be safe. Not whiskey though, can’t stand the stuff. I’m pre-stocked on TP. I need to head into town later anyway, for the pharmacy and post office, just waiting 'til the washing’s done first.

I have decided blurf today; I’m going to bed tired about 11, then not sleeping more than a doze until about 5. It’s getting silly.

It was another of those nights… I went to bed early - with Mel this time - and woke a bit after midnight to toddle to the bathroom. And then I was wide awake… for hours… dammit. I did fall back to sleep for maybe 90 minutes, but that’s still less than 5 hours of sleep total. dammit.

MetalMouse - regarding paint samples, daughter’s realtor gave her one of those fat sample fans that’s about 3" thick. FCD and I have been discussing what we want, and I think the whole house will be done in the light gray, with a related but darker gray beneath the chair rails in the dining room and the family room, as well as on the lower half of the master bath. The only room that will be a challenge is the kitchen - the walls are currently a deep red. But that’s why we plan to pay a pro!

There were t-boomes and much rain overnight, and more rain moving in this afternoon, continuing mostly thru all day tomorrow. There are flash flood watches/warnings (don’t recall which) thru Weds. The only thing on our property that concerns me is a dead tree that’s hanging waaaaaay over towards the side road. I don’t think it’s tall enough to reach the road if it falls - well, maybe the very tippy top. But if there’s enough wind, it may come down. We shall see.

Shortly, I will have my walk. Around 10 or so, daughter will help me crate Ziva (that’s a 2-person job) and I’ll haul all 3 critters in for their 11AM vet appointment. Later, I’ll make a grocery run. So a relatively easy day ahead.

Happy Moanday!

Morning all. Looks like the Hurricane will stay on the coast, there are low chances of rain this whole week here in N. Ali-bama, with highs in the 80’s and 90’s F. Looking at my weekly list, there is nothing at this time on it to do, albeit I’ll probably think of reasons to get out or get some shopping done. I really should edge my lawn, it’s something I seldom do but would make the place look a little better. We’ll see.

Everyone have a safe week.

Happy Moonday!

Nice cool and cloudy 70 degrees this morning, today’s high should be 82.
It was nice at the park, but we are home early as hardly anybody showed up.

We are supposed to get a mess of rain later, I think it’s part of the hurricane.

From the way Ripple is acting, there must be another mouse in the house.
I hate the little fuckers.

I had to call my bank yesterday, a few purchases were on my debit card that I didn’t make. I hate those scamming assholes even more than I hate mice.

My son needs to go out and mow the back jungle before it rains. I’m not even going to try to get the lawn guy out, he seems to be super busy. From what I’m hearing, handy men and contractors are backed up anywhere from 3 to 8 months.

I found a site for Behr paint that lets you take a picture of your room and try different paint colors. If I ever get around to painting the living room, or rather, get somebody to paint the living room, it will be celery.

I need to do some laundry today.
Other than that, SSDD

Awake at the ungodly hour of 10 a.m. (woe is me!) because the landlady is having the outside of the house scraped, pressure washed, I think she wants to repaint the siding. I dunno, not my property.

It is hyooomid here in western Michigan, with unpredictable rain and/or clouds and/or sun, depending on a faraway hurricane.

There’s a metaphor for life there, somewhere.

Well, I’ve got a short list of adulty crap I don’t wanna hafta do. Let’s see in what order I can most successfully put them all off.

Isaias went past my house just 30 miles away early morning on Sunday. A total non-event. Despite the build-up.

Hope you get to enjoy the same sense of relief in turn.

Dad gummit!! :angry:

EC brought another bird into the house just now! She’s figured out how to do it and apparently it’s her new hobby. Grrr!

I did manage to catch it in my hand and put it outside. (Aside: it is a thrill to hold a wild bird in your hand. A soft, pulsating, fragile, compact package of beautifulness!)

It’s always been my practice to leave my back door standing open a little so the cats and dog can come and go at will. I may have to rethink that. I always want the cats to be able to come in if anything scares them, but holy crap-- this is making a wreck out of me.

Missed the trash & recycling pickup. Mrs. L.A. asked about it yesterday, and I said I wasn’t sure. She said she thought it had been picked up last week. (We get it picked up every other week.) I called the company, which doesn’t open until after the trucks come to our neighbourhood, and found out that if I wanted it picked up today there would be a $20 ‘return trip’ charge. She said I could put it out in two weeks and pay a smaller ‘extra trash’ fee. The bigger issue is the recycling. But there’s no charge for extra recycling.

I asked for a calendar. I’ve asked twice before this year, via email, but never received one. I have it now – half an hour too late.

Currently NOS, 84, heat index 86, predicted high 82 (ha!), tropical storm warning in effect UFN. Fed and caffeinated, though not yet fully awake. Only current plans for the day are a trip to the feed store for cat and bunny food, and grilling-something-or-other if the sky isn’t falling yet.

pullin, the housemate fixed our lawnmower by using the same method.

nut, does your dislike of whiskey include whisky as well?

Thel, one of Lady SCAdian’s cats brought a live frog into the house, carefully deposited it under a chair for safekeeping, and went to get a drink. He seemed very confused when he returned to find it had hopped away during his absence. :smiley:

Strangely enough, it looks like, for once, we are EAST of the storm path.

It looks like it’s going over the momster-in-laws. :grin:

Didn’t stop every device in the house from going to DEFCON 2 when we got upgraded to a TS Warning a hour ago.

Yep. It’s not the spelling or origin I object to, it’s the taste.

Trip to town done, stuff posted, pharmacy visited, washing out on line (forgot to put it out before going to town- got it out the machine then left it there. Oops, but it’s been out a few hours in the sun). I did not, however, acquire any alcohol. I only have mead in the house, which I don’t really like, and really won’t go with the dal and rice I’m having for dinner, so maybe I should nip round the local shop and get a beer (just one- it’s a lot more expensive than the supermarket). I do feel like a beer…

Back from the vet. Ziva is getting fat, Taz lost a few ounces, and Higgs is fine. Even with the multiple-pets-at-one-visit discount, it was nearly $200 just for the exams and shots. But we’re good for another year, and I like our vet because they don’t push services.

Overcast is moving in. I’m lunching. Dunno what the rest of the day will hold. But I’m thinking maybe shepherd’s pie for supper. Daughter’s best friend and her obnoxious husband are arriving Sunday for a week of visit. So I need to stock up on meal-related groceries. But I’m not buying snacks - they’re on their own for that. They’re broke and I won’t let them starve, but I have my limits.

Anyway, I need to plan 7 dinners so I know what to buy. I already decided that one night will be lasagna from the pizza place. Beyond that, TBD.

And barbells and anvils and busted-open bags of dog food and leaking bottles of Liquid Ass (it’s a real product - look it up!).