Beck had a bad bad bad strange encounter in the localish pitstop. You can get gas, pizza, bait, (a tater log) a dirty magazine, or an Icee. No bathroom tho, sorry go out back they accommodatingly say when folks ask for the restroom key

But if you tell us, then you won’t know a secret any more.

I know. The universe is against me.

C’mon. You can tell us. No one will know…

I think your posts are hilarious. I can only hope to aspire to that level.
How are you doing, apart from the secrets, still bruised?
Lots of hugs {{{}}}

I’m so beat up. But, I don’t care, I’m happy today. My dialysis isn’t til 3:30.

I’m feeling good, my glucose ain’t screwing with me.

My little ‘henchmen’ squad (the grand wrex) are doing my bidding.
The pets are good.
Well, except Dillon the Villian.
He’s running around on a general tear. Causing me to laugh. The kids got him up in the fort/playhouse and showed him how to slide down the slide. He loves it. The kids slide and he barks joyously at them. Then races up to slide down again.
That dog won’t do!!

Sounds like fun, good for you!
Take care

Curse 3- oh me!

My wee, ol’ Granny said all things come in threes.

God, I hope so. I’m about to have a nervous break down.

My burnt thumb has a regular bandage and on top of that is that flex-stretch colored tape stuff. It lost it’s sticky power so we decided to replace it as I have a roll of it.
The Li’l-wrekker unwrapped it.
As she pulled it off the inner bandage came off.

Oh my freaking god.
I thought I was gonna faint when air hit it. My daughter’s were actively trying to hide it from me and get it rewrapped. I was trying to tell them they had to put antibiotic powder on it. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t sign because both hand are compromised…
Finally I stuttered “STOP” out.

I got to look at my thumb then.
I’m not even gonna describe it. It’s that bad.

But…I think I have gangrene!!

Yep. I’m gonna be thumbless. I go to see the doctor tomorrow.

I oughta get out on the highway and hitchhike outta here!
Oh shit! You need at least one working thumb to do that.
You know, my bad luck is legendary.
This may be the worst!

Thank you VooDoo priestess!
I hope you can sleep at night.

Mid-daughter says her VooDoo genius friend says to get rid of the card you have to sell it. Now how the heck am I gonna do that?

I just don’t know…

Ohhh, my. I hope it’s not as bad as you fear.

Y’all know I’m a drama queen.

it’s probably not as horrible as I think

The first person I ever heard called a drama queen was me. They never met Beck.

I exasperate peeps with my drama stuff.
Even the eldest granddaughter calls me on it.

I got a nice card to sell.
It’s probably an antique.

Worth? No telling how much $$$.
Any bids?

R.E.M. Radio Free Europe - YouTube

Do you or Big Wrek sell any products from your “farmette?”

Tape the card to the bottom of something!

Try unloading, uh…I mean offering it for sale to any nearby antique store, or even a swap meet.

With all the flooding/snowing/freeze-unto-ice situation throughout the Southern states (psst, Beck: that’s you!), people are scrounging to replace their necessities. If that damnable card were to fall (by accident, of course) into a box of stuff to donate, then, oh well…

I’d probably drop it into a holy water font in the front of a Catholic Church.

If the font starts smoking, run like Hell!


Hey, good ideas.

I know where a grotto is.

Yay! Curses begone!!

So… I will NOT go under the knife.

Apparently black/dark coloring of 3rd degree burns happens. And it’s nothing to worry about. The thumb nail will probably have to go.
I can live with that.

In other news: I’m at dialysis. I had a low glucose event yesterday so they are walking me through this so as not to upset the apple cart.

I’m soooooooooo bored.
The Lil’wrekker went to find me a crossword puzzle. My newspaper never showed up.

Therefore drama stuff. Get creating.

Looky here.
The good

…the bad, and the ugly?

I know which one I am Kenobi. Do you?

EDIT: bad, bad, bad