Bedding down in the MMP

The variety of mattresses available is pretty close to mind-boggling - innerspring, foam, memory foam, air, adjustable, water (?), soft, medium, firm, very firm, granite, futon, sofa bed with extra big crossbar…

We’ve got to replace our dying king mattress and we each have very different preferences. My solution is to get two XL twins so **FCD **can get the rock-hard slab that he prefers and I can have my memory foam. I need to start pushing the issue, I think. The old mattress is closing in on 20 years old and has been thru 3 moves - it’s pretty sad.

What do you like to sleep upon?

Oh, yeah, and Happy Moanday!


I’m in the same boat, except with a queen sized. It’s old & in need of a new one. Firm, no pillow top for me; other than that, I don’t know.

A fairly busy day for a holiday is on tap here.


I’m off today thanks to Martin Luther King Day. I’m having lunch with a friend and a dentist appointment to fix a leaky filling. The rest will be spent being the Adult Supervision so the sprog doesn’t burn the house down. He wants to make spaghetti sauce and meatballs from scratch, and he’s going to make me breakfast. Once he learns to clean up after himself, my life will be infinitely easier. Both because I don’t have to do all the cooking anymore, but because he’ll make a wonderful wife to some lucky lady. :smiley:


I, too, sleep on a 20+ y.o. mattress, but I like it. I’m more worried about the 20 y.o. frame failing than I am the mattress.

Mooom you sound like the before customer in a Sleep Number Bedcommercial.

also WE HAVE SNOW! First of the season here. Not enough to hide the lawns, but definitely snow. FEH

also, Blurf! Have you ever been awakened by the tummy rumbles of your pet? It’s an odd little sound.

**rosie **- I’ve never slept on a sleep number, but I’ve decided that I really hate the concept. I have slept on an air mattress bed, and I hated it - the plastic doesn’t breathe and I wake up sweaty - ugh. I know the fancy-pants bed has a pillow top and all that, but I still won’t consider one.

We had a softsider waterbed back in the 80s and I loved it. The spousal unit, not so much. I like memory foam, but he hates it. He thinks my mom’s guest room bed is great, but it’s like sleeping on a board. Hence, my thought about 2 beds in one…

Still haven’t started laundry, but I am breakfasting - PB&J on toast. Yum!

It’s funny you should mention sleep number beds as I am at my parent’s house and slept on one last night. The truth is that it’s a real pain to get it adjusted, but once it’s at the right pressure, I sleep much more soundly than I do on my own relatively new mattress at home. This is consistent each time I come to visit.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 32 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 54 and sunny for the day. OYKW is still abed. I shall not disturb him because I’m all nice like that.

I sleep on a firm mattress. We both like firm so no problem there. I tried a pillow top once and despised it the whole time.

OK, that’s all I got. I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. I suppose at some point I should purtify. We may or may not go out for N.O.L. The only real plan for the day is men’s night over to the church house this evenin’. Nice lazy day!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Mom it’s not like a regular plastic air mattress, it often has all the foam and extras a regular mattress has with an air adjustable core deep down within. You may wish to check out any one of the competition first, it really may be your solution.

I did sleep on an air mattress this weekend (visiting my parents with my kids - I always have to do this). We put a thin mattress cover on top and it is almost tolerable.

My regular bed is a twin with memory foam on top. Barely large enough for me but there isn’t much room in the house. I’m hurting pretty bad this morning but I had strained myself pretty bad Saturday working on the SUV (replacing brake pads).

Had 3 inches of beautiful, wet snow Sunday before we left my parents. Unexpected and welcome. Didn’t affect the drive home.

I got stuff to do on the 'puter but it’s so bright & sunny I can’t see the monitor. This is the time of day that I’d use the ‘exercise CD’ to [del]torment[/del] tire out the dog. Intersect CD with Mr. Sunbeam & tilt wrist so that the pretty reflection moved back & forth across the ceiling; he would chase it & bark at it. Of all the things he was, smart wasn’t one of them.

Moooom what could it hurt to go to a store that carries Sleep Number beds and try one out?

Up, caffeinated, and sheveled. I’m gonna go to the laudromat today, when it warms up a bit(it’s 30 right now.

Mooommmmm, I have an old, very firm mattress. It suits me well. I remember the old style waterbeds. Thge problem with those is if you have a leg cramp while sleeping on one, you ed up cramped and seasick.:eek:


**doggio **- eons ago, I had a roomie with a full-wave waterbed, and when she went out of town one weekend, she let me try it out. Apart from the fact that her dog slept with her (and so with me that night) I didn’t like the excessive motion. Plus I don’t think she had it filled properly because my butt bottomed out, and there was much less butt back then, since I was still in the Navy. Anyway, full wave sucks, but the soft-sider was pretty nice, I thought.

**rosie **- one issue I have with mattress shopping is the showroom testing. How can you possibly tell from a couple of minutes in an awkward public setting whether it’s a good bed or not? Especially with some sales person hovering over you, antsy to make a sale… ugh. **FCD **stayed in a hotel once that had the sleep number beds, and he hated it. So that won’t be happening for us.

Third load in the washer, second in the drying, first done and folded. Go me!!

I have an old mattress that’s a bit tumbledown, and I should get a new one.

And these days I have to sleep with 2 thick blankets because it’s so cold in my room.

Happy Moonday!

It’s cold, sunny, but cold.
The sunny reminded me that I didn’t clean the windows yesterday.

I overslept this morning. I’m hungry and then I need to get busy.

FCM makes me feel positively lazy.

King. Although we do have a spare bed we can fall back on when one of us has a cold and we want to sleep apart. Its kind of traditional in both our families. We’ve gone various brand names but the one thing we always look for is the label/certification from one of the chiropractic organizations. I am not what you would call much of a believer in the “science” but we have found that the ones we get like that give us better sleep and longer life. Both of us toss a lot so for us its more like 10 years per mattress or somewhat more ---- so we’ve been in your boat quite often.

One thing we do insist on now is split boxes. Makes moving things for cleaning easier even though the box springs are so much less poundage than the mattress itself.

Find a store that carries them and actually try one - you may be surprised. I felt as you do until we hit a motel in our travels that had them. Fancier Cedar-Point-ish type place. It was actually really comfortable and I really didn’t have a sense of inflatable or water bed I expected.

Show up in a hair net, robe and fuzzy slippers. Mattress stores love it when you do that. :smiley:

Hair net isn’t enough - I’d need those hard plastic hair rollers, too! And perhaps carry a cheezy gothic romance?? :smiley:

In any event, sleep number is out as spousal unit hated the one he slept on. And it probably makes sense for us to wait till after this next back surgery is all healed. If he just liked memory foam, all our problems would be solved! Well, at least choice-of-mattress problems…

I got productive! I washed and dried the bathroom and kitchen mats and cleaned both bathrooms. Go Me! N.O.L. in a little while at that most renown establishment of fine, gourmet cuisine known as Three Squares Diner cause we’re all classy like.

If you’re goin’ for it go all the way and also have a box of bonbons, a box of wine and a wine glass. In a pinch you can always substitute a red Solo[sup]TM[/sup] cup. :smiley:

Or juice cans for that really vintage big hair look? And instead of the novel or Swampykins suggestion, go with a rolling pin. Remember, FCD and I both have Harleys – we probably deserve it! :wink:

Happy Moanday!

The first real snow of the season started coming down HARD during yesterday’s worship service, and on January 17, we had our first true Winter Wonderland. It’s charming now, but I’m sure I’ll get sick of it soon.

Speaking of getting sick… I’m catching a cold, or perhaps the flu. (I’ve had my flu shot, though.)


So far today I have:
*Gone to the dentist to get my tooth drilled
*Had a mild panic attack when they talked about sticking the needle in my mouth to numb me
*Continued the drilling without the needle. It didn’t hurt so much when the :eek:COLD!:eek: water wasn’t touching it.
*Had breakfast at the Waffle House because I just had my tooth drilled, dammit
*Came home and took an ibuprofen
*Opened the basement door to do the laundry only to find a note on the washer saying “Don’t Use. It has a leak.”
*Hauled my laundry over to the mat and did it there
*Cancelled my reservation for Gatlinburg on Wednesday because the weather decided it’s going to suck and I ain’t driving over the mountains in Wintry Mix.

My vacation’s off to a stellar start. And I have to irk tomorrow because my vacation actually doesn’t start until Wednesday.