been lurkin'...

I for one welcome another Star Wars geek.

You Trek geeks are weirdos.

Good ta see ya, moonbunny. What a coincidence. I’ve been thinking all week that what this board needs is a moonbunny,and here you are. Think how far you could hop on the moon with its’ 1/7 earth gravity,and all. Or are you saying you are originally from the moon?

You can see where I’m from. If I’m not being too nosy,are you from near here

… and the greatest thing about your license plate is that it completely whooshes the non-Star Wars geeks, because they’re all thinking it was supposed to read something else entirely, and they’re confused as to how it passed…

So, if you like long walks on the beach, but you’re from the farthest reaches of the East Bay Area, how do you reconcile those two? You’re in, like, Livermore, right? Or Modesto, for some poor, misguided souls who bought into the advertising campaigns of the housing developments of the 80’s.

Hi Moonbunny, and welcome to the SDMB. Are you gonna come to our dopefest? It’s on Labor Day Weekend. It would be cool to meet you in person too. We seem to have few things in common. I’m a 30 year old female from Oakland, and I’m a huge Dune geek. Of course it could end up like that Laverne and Shirley where LaVerne gets the new roommate who seems to be just like her but then they find out that actually they are nothing alike and they hate each other and then LaVerne moves back in with Shirley, but probably not. :slight_smile:

Welcome, moonbunny! I’m not much of a Star-anything geek, but I do believe this MB would shrivel up and die without ::eyes glinting evilly:: fresh blood.

Oh, and don’t worry about the goat. For one thing, you won’t have to deal with it until you’ve ponied up your bucks; for another thing, as scary as the initiation ritual sounds at first, if you relax you might even be able to enjoy it. :smiley:

ageless, I’m right in your neck of the woods. Quite literally. I work in Pleasant Hill, live in Antioch, though. Ah, the joys of the Hwy 4 commute! :rolleyes: I’m not actually from the moon (although my space-cadet tendencies make me wonder sometimes)…the nick is a reference to Sailor Moon. :slight_smile:

Ethilrist, the “long walks on the beach” thing was a joke…although I did grow up in Alameda (in which case, it would actually be long walks along the Estuary, which is a bit stinky). I did, however, also live in Long Beach for a good six months last year, literally about 4 blocks from the beach, and I love the ocean. As to where I live…that’s addressed in the paragraph above (and I still wonder how living in Antioch/Oakley/Brentwood makes for an “EZ Commute to Silicon Valley!” as all the real-estate ads promised as little as a year or two ago).

Ghanima, I read about the Bay Area Dopefest (while I was still lurking around) and I’d love to go, but I’m going to be in Long Beach over Labor Day. Oh well…maybe the next one!