Begging Your 'Professional' Pardon!!!

Recently, on this board, I was writing a response to
a thread from Euty regarding Libertarian. I made the horrible mistake of writing “my professional” opinon in the first parts of the thread. Certain individuals on this board thought it prudent to question my professionalism! This in itself is nothing bad. Thats fine, question all you like. However, begging your pardon, the context of my post was such that I was sympathizing with Libertarian and Euty trying to put my two sense in.

I have worked long and hard to get where I am today, and this board is one of the most respectable I have seen. I learn a lot and I have fun getting into debates with others around the world. I feel I have given respect where it is deserved and been respectful in return. These boards are soon to require a fee and I was one of the people who emailed the administration and said I would pick up the cost of up to a hundred posters who could not afford it. I for one fear for the integrity of the board when it becomes a paying site.

I want to keep the board as natural as always. I do not really care if someone wants to question my professionalism. That is fine. But I do not believe I have given anyone any reason to do this. Granted this is a Board where we can not see one another and we do not know each other from job and I understand that is the pure nature of the board of any board. I know one can make themselves into whomever they please whilst posting on a board. I do not do this. Enough Said!

I’m confused, since you did not say in the OP. What “profession” are you that gives you an insight into the mess between Euty and Lib? :confused:

Please explain in what manner this adds to the “professionalism” of your opinion. I’m really not trying to be bitchy, I just don’t understand the point of bringing it up in this context (or at all, really.)

I am an Environmental Psychologist. I teach the study of humans in their habitat and work place. I tried clinical Psych for a while and knew almost from the get go it was not for me. I knew I enjoyed helping people but did not want to get involved with the bureaucratic bullshit of dealing with HMO’s and surly psychiatrists. So I went into Environmental Psych and did my masters thesis on elderly housing set-up and design. Now 7 years later I am teaching Environmental Psych and Psych 101 and stats 101 to freshman and sophomores and working under the same advisor I had in College…

Myrnalene that snip adds nothing to my professionalism. I suppose I am simply not used to being questioned about something I worked so hard to forge. No one would know this obviously, but I have always been a hardass when my integrity is questioned. Thats it.

Your integrity wasn’t questioned. Your rambling incoherent post was being mocked.

I thought they were just asking what your profession was.

Perhaps you are sensing a slur where none exists. (Or, perhaps more likely, sensing a slur where a different slur exists.)

Unfortunately, what waterj said is true. Your posting style in the other thread bordered on the nonsensical. It is also (DISCLAIMER: the following statement reflects the views of Myrnalene only and may not be the views of the management of this station or any other persons living or dead) inappropriate to offer your opinion as “professional” regardless of your education in psychiatry unless you are in a position to diagnose Lib or Euty. You are not, therefore bringing up your credentials is irrelevant and tacky. You seem nice enough, but methinks in this case you are misguided.

Here is the link, by the way.

Oh, and I questioned your “I e-mailed the admins to offer financial assistance to up 100 would-be posters” reference because it seems to me that you wanted to use it to bolster your respectability here. I’m sorry, but if you were to do that it would be a generous gift and nothing more, and if you were gracious enough to make the offer in private than maybe you should have let in stay private.

Um, when you bring up your profession, and someone asks what it is, they’re not questioning your integrity, they’re questioning your profession.

I would have thought that was quite obvious, particularly for someone as educated as yourself.

Al. [sub]Who insists on maintaining her amateur status…[/sub]

Myrnalene I have to completely agree. After reading my post, I do understand it was quite haphazard. Sorry for in incoherence…Also duly noted, I did post it twice with slight revision. I wrote that post in haste, I agree with you…I should have made it more readable. And I agree it was wrong of me to say “professional” opinion, I mean it was a post in BBQ-pit, I should have known…

Spiritus Mundi I also agree with you. I was sensing a slur where there was a different slur intended…Again, my pride against my better judgement…It has proven to be my nemesis over the years…I should work on that…:slight_smile:

Geesh lighten up. It’s a message board not a slander on your profession. You should know better than to offer a proffesional opinion to someone that you’ve never met and have absolutely no background on. Most people on the board are here to interact with other people, not to bow down to another person’s profession. Lighten up. Your posts will speak more for themselves than your profession.

Phlosphr states his profession thusly,

“I am an Environmental Psychologist”


“did my masters thesis on elderly housing set-up and design”

Alow me to be the first to slander him directly. This profession could exist nowhere outside of a college campus. His work by nature would be entirely theoretical.

I am a contractor. I would be VERY interested in his designs of old folks homes.

Tell me you have a degree in architecure and I will prostrate myself before you.

Other than that, you’re just some dumbass who pretends to know how to build buildings.

What about engineering? I think I’m supposed to learn how to build stuff that stays up somewhere in this degree program…

A degree in engineering would be acceptable for a prostration.

Hell, a high school course in mechanical drawing with a follow up course in drafting at a community college would be worth a handshake.

Ten years as a construction worker would also count as experience

Yea, construction guys know stuff.

mmmm…knowledgeable guys with muscles…dirty and sweaty and…

I’m going now, I promise.

(And the degree will be in Chem E, not anything as spectacularly useful as construction.)

Good god, your going to be a chemical engineer? I know plumbers who make more.

Medea’s Child,

Take this humble advice. Learn welding. With a Chem E degree and a background in welding you could land a first slot as an apprentice pipefitter.

Bust ass for a year in the field.

This will not look bad on a resume.

Do not assume all jobs in the construction industry are filled by sweaty morons.

One reason why I read these boards is for the “professional opinions” expressed. The only trouble is that if you actually state why you’re “entititled” to have a professional opinion, then you get nit pickers coming out to say why IMHO that ain’t good enough. Or, you’ve got to list a CV, which isn’t all that practical. On top of that, there is a group of posters that think their WAG “opinion” should have the same weight as a “professional opinion”. Or, they want to to debunk their opinion when said opinion is really something that gets ripped apart in a freshman junior college course, and you’re discussing graduate level concepts.

On these boards, at times I offer professional opinion and analysis, other times WAG, and sometimes I’m just completely talking out my ass.

anyhoo, to restate, I highly appreciate the “professional opinions” that come through on the boards.

My company starts Chem E’s at between $45-55k. In 10 years you can make $90-100k.

Una, P.E.

EvilGhandi Environmental Psychology is a reletively new field, around 30-40 years old. Even then only recently could one get an advanced degree in EP. Check out Arizona State University EP grad program if you want to learn more. As a matter of fact the program there is funded by one of the larger Architecture firms in the US.

EP requires a strong Architectural backround. We re-design offices, housing projects, hospitals, old folks homes etc…etc… Offices are made so workers are more efficient and productive, housing projects get flattened so people don’t feel like stacked rats, hospitals get re-worked so the elderly and everyone else can find their way around easily instead of using the ‘follow the green line’ old method. Want to know more about elderly housing?

One level, lowered cabinets and counters, shallow wash basins, easy to use bathrooms, better lighting (natural lighting) more autonomy on behalf of the occupant in the design process, no slip floors, surround railing on walls built in, larger doors and of course no stairs. And in the long run the ultimate goal is to make it cost effective, because as I am sure you know as a contracter everything comes down to the almighty dollar!