Begorra! A St. Paddy's Day MMP

I’ll have a 3 day weekend for St. Patrick’s Day. Anybody doing anything special or St. Patrick’s day?

I’m usually not organized enough to plan my life a week ahead :D. Well, except for essentials such as dragging myself to work as usual that day. Hopefully, I’ll have MY car back around Wednesday-ish.

I remember getting up on Firday; despite having to go to irk, it was easy to get up b/c it was light out.
Be careful driving this morn,it’s a high smacksident day b/c peoples brains are extra fogged from lack of sleep.

I’m not doing anything special so I’ll go with OR St. Patrick’s Day. :wink:

Dang, you must really like green beer, to choose this topic a week early! :wink:

Of all the “holidays” that I choose to ignore, this one is right up there. Apart from having zero Irish ancestry, I think it’s just become an excuse for people to say stupid things in bad accents while getting drunk. Kinda like Cinco de Mayo… Bah, humbug! :smiley:

Few things wake a body more surely than the sound of a cat horking up a hairball. Follow that with a dog eating that hairball. And now you know how my day began. Last night ended with **FCD **dumping out the icemaker bin. This morning, the sink is still full of ice, and the bin is still empty. I don’t know what he did, but apparently our icemaker is now broken.

Happy Moanday.

At least I’ve got a load of jeans in the washer, so I’ve begun some chores. So there’s that.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffienatin’. YAWN 'Tis 48 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 77 for the day. I’ll take it! Springlike weather!

Since my church is St. Patrick’s, there will be a celebration on Sattidy at the church house. We’ll have corned beef and cabbage and Guiness glazed chikin (this is a sort of experiment so it should be interestin’). There will also be a keg of green beer. I suppose the og awful shamrock cookies will also show up. I shall spend the day bein’ one of the cooks for this. Also “Lap A Leprechaun” the 5K run will happen that mornin’. This is a fundraiser for the “Food For A Thousand” ministry and also includes a one mile fun walk for those who are inclined. So, that’s my St. Paddy’s Day funness.

Ok, I need more caffiene and rumbly tummy wants to be fed. I am takin’ my time a bit this mornin’ as I need to go up to the north forty to check up on stuff and it’s just easier to leave from da cave to go up there. Irk purtification must commence shortly however, alas and alack.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Ultrablurf. I hate seasonal time changes; however, fall back is easier to handle.

I just looked at the week’s weather forecast. Today’s high should be 61, tomorrow, 69, Weds, 63, Thurs, 35. :confused: Reallly??

There’s a load of jeans hanging on the lines (thank goodness we have spotlights in the back yard) and the second load - mostly shirts - is in the washer. How’s that for Monday morning productivity! :smiley:

My church is a St Patrick’s, so it’s our patronal feast. I’ll be singing at the big mass that we always have, ending with a roaringly over-the-top rendition of Hail Glorious Saint Patrick.

I was so busy last week, I don’t think I ever made it back to the MMP. We’re almost ready to list the condo, now that it’s been bore-ified and stripped of all personality. I can’t wait to just move.

I’m a redhead with at least some Irish ancestry, but I avoid St. Patrick’s Day celebrations because a) I don’t drink, and b) I’m a pagan, so it’s not exactly a holiday for us. :slight_smile:

I used to live next door to a bar called the Cloverleaf, and every St. Pat’s I would fall asleep to the melodious sounds of people puking in the alley below my bedroom window. Ah, memories.

Moooom, there is nothing that wakes a cat owner up faster than the sound of kitty retching. I remember watching a movie with some friends one night, and our friend Janna fell asleep on the couch. Khan started horking something up in the back hall, and Janna sat up straight from a dead sleep and yelled “Cat puke!!!” I find that when it wakes me up in the night, I usually just try to get a fix on where the cat is, so I don’t step in it come morning.

Thank Og it’s a new week. Last week was so incredibly bad that I want to punch a wall just thinking about it. But this week will be better, or bad things will happen. Very. Bad. Things.

You’re about 147 blocks wrong.


I only recognize St. Patrick’s Day because corned beef is involved. I was one of the few non-Irish, non-Catholic kids in the neighborhood so all that celebration was a little overboard for my Protestant liking.

My new washing machine arrived Thursday. Did two loads and the agitator made horrible noise. I recorded it on my phone, took the recording to Lowe’s and played it for the sales lady. Needless to say, another machine is being delivered today, but I have to take time off irk which annoys me. When I retire I am going to be the person for hire who waits for repair people while you are at work. I truly think it is a viable business.

I used to date a girl who lived at 200 & Broadway; I teased her that she was so far up she lived in Massachusetts & not Manhattan but I didn’t realize it went on for another 87 blocks. :dubious:

I don’t know if I’ll do anything special for St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe make some cookies for school or something as it’ll be a school day.

I’m 1/8 Irish. And 1/4 Scottish. And 100% Canadian. And bad at math.

Sorry, I just grabbed that from a joke involving “Our Lady of 142nd Street”.

I’ve got a big bag o’stuffing - craft-type, not poultry-type. I’m going to finish making my assorted stuffed bunnies for the store. **FCD **suggested making a brown one with a “bite” out of the ears, so I’ll give it a try and see how it goes.

I’m just about over my nasty cold. I’ve still got a little bit of a cough, but the drippy nose is pretty much done dripping. Thankfully, it didn’t settle into my chest - it was mostly sinuses with the occasional irritant in the throat. I hate being sick. So yay for surviving!! :smiley:

Time to assume the position and finish stitching and stuffing bunnies. Maybe I’ll post some pics when I’m done.

Happy Moonday!

My body is out of whack, I fell asleep before* Columbo* ended last night so I didn’t get to see how it ended. Like I don’t already know having seen every episode of Columbo at least 417 times each.

The realtor called me yesterday and apologized for not being able to show me some houses and I should be getting a call today from a realtor in Hagerstown. If so, today will be ROAD TRIP!.

It looks cloudy out but is supposed to be warm and pretty.

WetOne, I did quite of bit of that when I was pet sitting. Clients would call and ask me to wait for deliveries/repair men/etc. I had thought about starting a business just for that purpose.

Oh, I forgot
No plans for St Paddy’s Day.
Unless something comes up at the last minute.

I thought you were using marshmallow fluff! :smiley:
Someone I know is the lead story in the paper today…in a positive way!

Morning all,

Sorry for the lack of posting last week. Had a big irk trip to here to get ready for. It went well. Just an up and back Thurs/Friday. Hoping the next couple of weeks will be quieter as boss lady is on vay-cay.

Got the same weather pattern as MOOOOOOOOOOOM predicted here. Nice and warm and then…BRRRR!

My last name is Malone. Married into it. If you ever met Mr. Jynxster you would be be surprised to not to hear “Top O’ The Morning” from him. Red headed, blue eyed, and skin so pale that if he looks at the sun the wrong way he burns. The Malone’s come from County Offaly. When we got married he had a kilt specially made with his clan tartan and we had bag pipers play, served Guiness and Smithwicks and all manner of celtic stuff. So St. Paddy’s day, kind of our thing. That being said I will not be making corned beef and hash. YUCK. I will make a Guiness Irish Lamb Stew. YUMMMY!