Being Human Season 2 on BBCA - US Pace Thread [Spoilers for aired material in the US Only]

Thanks to Meatros’ Being Human - BBC Series thread, I’m secure in the knowledge that I’m not the only watcher. Rather than fill up his thread with spoilers, since he’s still on season one, I figured that I’d start a new thread. The old UK pace thread is here.

Standard pace thread rules apply - Please use spoilers for things that have not yet aired in America. Things that have already aired are fair game.

For example: That George wolfed out and killed Heric at the end of last season is fair game. That Annie goes though the doorway and becomes the demon queen of the vampires should be put in a spoiler box.

“Clowns - so many clowns.”

Nitpick: It’s Herrick.

So what did you think of the surprise revelation at the end of the last episode?

I knew there was something up with the doctor. I wasn’t expecting her to be a mole. I wonder if Nina will recognize her, if she gets to meet her before her heart explodes in her chest.

No Nina heart soup in the pressure chamber.

And George had an interesting lesson in primal therapy. I actually felt sorry for George as he was kicking the snot out of his boss.

Sykes’ training of Annie didn’t hit home with me. It needed more time to play out. But on a show with single-digit seasons where there are three different main characters whose storylines need to be given attention, I guess you don’t have the luxury.

I really hope that George can return to giving his students a primer in the wonderful world of English swearing now that he has put the smackdown on his schmuck of a boss. I liked the point that his student was making – learning the regular old basic phrases is all well and good, but if I were in Mexico, I would like to know, say, that “chinga a tu madre” is not something that I should go around repeating in polite company.