Besides Butter Pecan: What are the 'American' flavors?

I saw some Haagen Daas Butter Pecan and thought, wow I haven’t seen that since I was a kid and those were the happy meal times in my life.

I looked it up and apparently Butter Pecan is an American thing. (I hate the flavor myself)

What other flavors of ice cream, or in general, are ‘American’?

I wonder what the French and other nations think of “Butter Pecan”, they must think we like butter on top of ice cream.

Maple walnut?

Root Beer.

Rocky road.



I dunno–butter brickle is a pretty common British flavor, isn’t it? Certainly toffee is, which has IMO a similar flavor.

I have a cookbook from England of ice cream recipes, and it had something that was basically breadcrumbs caramelized in butter and sugar and turned into ice cream. I’d think that butter pecan would be a perfectly acceptable flavor to Brits.

If I were thinking of quintessentially American flavors, I’d think of the following:
-banana pudding (not common, of course, but far and away the best ice cream I’ve had recently)
-Anything with peanuts or peanut butter
-Anything with chocolate-covered pretzels
-Pumpkin (which makes kickass ice cream)

Peppermint stick?


Nah, cantaloupe ice cream isn’t American, it’s Californian.

Black walnut.

Delicious nut, delicious ice cream.

You misspelled “satanic abomination.”

Kosher dill.

Actually I’m American, but I don’t really eat much ice cream (due to taste aversion to milk)–I’ll eat it but very rarely. So I sort of know all these flavors by name but not by taste. And I just realized I have no idea what most of them are. I googled butter pecan and I sort of can tell what it is but I think one day I’ll have to go on an ice cream tour of America.

And the only Ice Cream flavor that only children love: Superman!

Shouldn’t the “wurst” part of liverwurst give you a clue that liverwurst is not quintessentially American?

Peach, y’all!

I once had some niche ice cream made with beer flavoring, and bits of pretzels mixed in. I swear they also emptied an ashtray in, to give it that extra bar room tang.

Not sure “kosher dill” is particularly American, either. Pickles of that type are all over Central and Eastern Europe.

Why not? Pizza is quintessentially American. Tacos are quintessentially American. Hot dogs (Frankfurters) are quintessentially American.

Hmm. FTR, I never thought of liverwurst as quintessentially American, either. I thought your post was supposed to be some kind of humor I was missing.