Best Canadian RPM Number 1 Singles: 1986

The year is now 1986 and these are the songs that hit numero uno on the Canadian charts, and a whopping 41 songs are on this chart including Lionek Richie’s rollover song from 1985, “Say You, Say Me”.
For some reason “Stand By Me” by Ben E King reached #1 in 1986, many years after its release.
Corey Hart and Glass Tiger are the featured Canadians***.

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Hmmm, the good songs/total number of songs is falling dramatically compared to the previous couple of years. I picked three:

Rock Me Amadeus - Who knew that Germans could be so silly yet so fun?
West End Girls - Perhaps their best song, very atmospheric - almost spooky - yet catchy.
True Colors - Another good song from Lauper although I prefer Change of Heart (which didn’t get to the top spot, I think). However, her heyday was almost over by then.

I don’t remember 1986 being this bad of a year in music. I’ll have to mull things over a spell before I vote.

That would be because of its appearance in the 1986 film of the same name.

Okay I see. Interesting, seems old songs sometimes reach #1 many years after their original release, this happens often in the UK, and we see here on the Canadian charts. But it never really happens that much in the U.S.

I voted for 15 of them, I was in a good mood at voting time.
“The Way It Is”-Sad, good song
“Next Time I Fall”-Good duet
“Human”- Here Human League totally change their sound and go for the ballad route
“Lady In Red”-I don’t like as much, but still I can listen to it
“Higher Love”-while not the best Winwood song, it’s still upbeat and the height of his 1980’s era career.
“Glory of Love”-cheesy but in a good way. To me it’s somewhat sad and enjoyable.
“I Can’t Wait”-Good song, not great. Catchy and seems to be recently featured in a new commercial.
“A Different Corner”-Not George Michael’s best, but a good way to kick off his solo career and end Wham.
“Live To Tell”-first time I have voted for Madonna on these poll series, the background music and everything is pretty good. One of her best.
“Let’s Go All the Way”-a forgotten song that I think no one will vote for, I always liked it since hearing the first time.
“Sara”-one of only two of Starship’s good songs, unlike that atrocity on the previous poll, “We Built This City”. Sad song.
“Kyrie”-love the intro and how it changes, a good atmospheric tune by a forgotten band.
“Rock Me Amadeus”-just a fun song, RIP Falco(born Johann Holzel)
“That’s What Friends Are For”-boring I know, but sad with a good message
“Say You Say Me”-Lionel makes my skin crawl for what ever reason, but I like this tune and how the middle part suddenly changes pace.

I unknowingly counterbalanced Nema98’s 15 votes by voting for just one song: The Way It Is. Just missing my cut were Conga, West End Girls, Live to Tell, and Glory of Love. Lady in Red is dead-ass last, finishing behind even the pile of feces known as Secret Lovers.