best war pick up line?

Some blogger was running this recently, anyone has a good one?

-“Resolution 1441 guarantees me some ass this weekend, if i don’t, the terrorists win.”
“I have been ordered to deploy my peacekeeper to your demilitarised zone”
“I want to do things to you that even the French would veto”
“I dont care about North Korea…all i care about is you baby”

“What’s a girl like you doing in a United Nations designated demiliterized zone like this?”

And off topic: (You’re from Rwanda? What part?)

This one is hard to use, but when it works … oh, man.

Hey, baby! I’ll call you “Patty Patriot” cause you can blow my scud down anytime! :smiley:

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

Hmm… Now that I think about it that’s not all that far off topic…

Wanna buff my German helmet?

I thought it was usually done at gunpoint.

Hello, I am Saddaam Hussein. Would you like to inspect my Weapon of Mass Destruction?

These are godawful, guys! - but Casey, if I actually heard that line I´d probably break down laughing, and that´s always a good start, isn´t it? (Well, if the guy was reasonably cute and goodlooking and didn´t look like he really meant it… that´s what it´s all about.)

But to most of these, my response would probably be:

Sorry, honey, but this is a no-fly zone.

ok, that was lame.

I could never deliver that line with a straight face, anyway…


My friends and I have been arguing this for some time. I say coming in with a stupid line that gets a girl laughing is better than nothing, they say coming in with stupid line is liable to get me slapped. Who’s right?

“Me, I’m not standard infantry, I’m a sniper. I like to take my time, scope the target out, line the shot up, and then blow them away with one high powered shot.”

“When you walked into the room I was so stunned, Ithought an A-bomb went off.”

And of course the classic “In times of war, in times before going to war, do you know what people do. They have sex.”

“So, I have all this extra duct tape…”

Honey, if I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put ICBM together.

Your legs must be tired, because you’ve been running from terrorist attacks all night long.

Baby, get with me I’ll take you to Code Red and back.

Is your dad a terrorist? Cause you the bomb.

OK, these are lame. It won’t stop me from posting them, but they’re lame.

I’m in the Navy… do you like Seamen?

Call me Nagasaki, cause you light up my life…

If you were morse code, I would love to tap your message…

According to a show I recently watched, the most effective pick-up line for guys to use on women was, “Hi. I’m a little embarassed to be doing this, but I’d like to get to know you.” Not terribly witty, but it gets results, they said.

For women to use on men, the most effective line was “Hi!”

Today must be D-Day, because I want to invade your beaches.

Wanna take shore leave at my port-of-call?

The President has ordered a strike, and my target is… you.

Did you say your name was Enigma? Let me crack your codes.

Hans Blix will never seek out my long range weapon… but you can.

Does that Patriot missile make you horny, baby?

The President has ordered me on a secret mission. Come back to my place and I will have sex with you… er I mean tell you all about it.

(and for those intellectual-looking types)
What do you say we protest those totalitarian religious regimes and go engage in some premarital sex?

Are you a Kurd? I’d like to have my way with you.

Care to show your appreciation for the guy who’s defending your freedom?

I know 101 ways to kill you, but 102 ways to turn you on.