Best way to get a girlfriend

“best relationships I had were the ones that developed out of

Oh, no, not into the friendship zone…ack

So how does a deaf guy get so many girls? Easy, they want to learn sign language and one thing leads to another.

For ya, pardon my french, severely-able body types, get a cute puppy. Instant girl attractant.

Isn’t this illegal? I’m sure Gert doesn’t appreciate it!

I have to back up Cmkeller here. He has it right on. I’m dating an absolutely incredible woman, and I met her through my best friend. The thing is that on the surface she is a person I never would have tried to ask out. She just didn’t seem like my type. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Who better to find someone for you than the people who know you best. Sometimes they see things you may not see, and know you better than you know yourself. Above all be patient. I know it’s cliche, but the right person is out there. If I can be this lucky, I know you can be too.

Any magician can pull a rabbit out of a hat, show me one who can pull a hat out of a rabbit and I’ll believe.

I have to agree with Contestant #3 statement of " being married increases your appeal tenfold."

When I was single…ummm it’s hazy…but I seem to recall not ever having a real problem after the age of 19 of dates and attracting a man’s eye. Then I became engaged and I swear that really cute guys suddenly found me appealing. My girlfriend, recently married at this time said, “Wait until you are married, it’s like a truck load of Mel Gibson’s want you.” I laughed, but DAMN, after the wedding it was the Diet Coke guy and Mel Gibson’s coming on to me.

Sadly, it fades.

Aye, there’s the problem. I’m a cat dude. All the Knockout Babes™ I meet are dog people.

In fact, that’s kinda weird. Guys stereotypically like dogs. Women stereotypically like cats. But among my male friends, most prefer cats, and among my female friends, most prefer dogs. Go figure!

peas on earth

Looks don’t have to count, guys. The last guy I went out with wasn’t, shall we say, “my type”. But he won me over.
It was a customer. While I was cutting his hair, he turned on the charm. He also asked me a lot of questions about myself (including asking what my favorite flower is).
The next day at work, i got a flower delivered to me from him and it was my favorite flower! He wrote on the card, “Thanks for a great haircut!” and I was supposed to look at the tip he left me. It turned out he wrote his phone number on the money!
His charm won me over. We started dating. He always had a compliment for me everyday. It was great. Too bad the relationship didn’t last. :frowning: My point? Be charming! It works for me!

Sometimes life is so great you just gotta muss up your hair and quack like a duck!

Dont try at all. Any relationship that ever worked for me was spontainious. My wife and I have been married for 9 1/2 years now. She was my ex-girlfriend’s friends sister. We were friends for a while and one thing led to another. End of story (not yet)!

I have three cats and one dog… does that make me bi?

so if you did it with a cow, would that make you a tri-sexual?

I remember reading one of those “How I Met Mr. Right” stories in Cosmo a few years ago. This woman was at a club, and this dashing young man just walked up behind her, put his arm around her waist, kissed her on the neck, and walked off. “Needless to say,” she said, “I was intrigued!” She went after him, and the rest is obvious.

If I did that to a woman in a club, she would come try to find me–so she could slap the piss out of me. I wonder how many guys tried that in clubs the weekend after that issue was published. They should probably sue Cosmo to recover their doctor bills.

Dr. J

PS: What was I doing reading Cosmo, you ask? A college roomate got me into it. We actually subscribed. His theory was that Cosmo says nothing about what women are really like, but we should at least know what they’re being told they’re like.

Be yourself. And hopefully being nice is part of being yourself :wink: Believe it or not, being a nice guy is not the “kiss of death,” as I’ve heard so many men call it. And if a woman brushes you off, don’t get all hostile with her. Just leave her alone, and try someone else. If she’s going to be jerky enough to brush off a nice guy, she’s not worth any of your time.

There is something irresistable about a cat-guy. :slight_smile:

Although looks shouldn’t matter, they do. Not to say that only the gorgeous people are getting dates - the don’t, but there needs to be a physical attraction between partners.

Granted, we all have different tastes and everyone is beautiful or gorgeous to someone, but relationships without physical attraction are basically friendship only. Isn’t it nice that we don’t all find the exact same traits attractive?

To attract me, I must find you appealing to the eye (my definition, no one elses), have great confidence (I love a guy who is sure of himself and is maybe a little egomanical), has great ambition (job titles don’t matter to me, but I am attracted to guys who believe in bettering their lifestyle and not settling as a Manager at McDonalds), and has a great sense of humor.

Top this all off with an acceptance of my kids and understanding my responsibilities, and you will win me over.

Oh yeah, as I said, there is a certain attraction to cat-guys.


Coarse and violent nudity. Occasional language.

What was that country song with the line “you know me better than that” repeated after each verse. Well, the new girl friend thinks this guy likes her cats.

Hey, what happened to sep, oct…nov ?

Hey, Rich, I had to live through September and October, one day at a time. If you’ve found a time warp to avoid that sort of thing, I don’t want to see you whining about it.

Okay, I need an opinion from the ladies here. I’m not too adept at this whole social thing, so any dates I do get tend to be because of my devastating good looks rather than any social charm. But a while ago I met this girl online, and when I met her she turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. (Unsettling me greatly, it was bad enough meeting a stranger, but a beautiful stranger had me speechless…) I guessed that the date went well enough, given the fact that I managed a goodbye kiss, so when I wrote her the next morning, I ended it with a short poem I wrote for her. When I told a close (platonic) girlfriend about it, she went off at how stupid I was for blowing it ike that… how the girl was gonna freak out at me being too fast and such. So I paniced, and haven’t talked to her since. So the question would be, if a guy you’d only been out with once wrote you poetry, would you be flattered or scared? And while I’m at it, what about roses?
The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

Yeah, may be too fast. Go to her house and do some handyman work first.Or whaterver you can think of.You might try some less romantic activities to get to know this person. The poetry can come later.

You could have mine…

Yer pal,

Rule #1: DON’T GO TO BARS TO MEET WOMEN. Why? Because right off the bat you know two things about them:

  1. They like to drink.
  2. They’re desperate enough to go to a bar to meet men.

Besides, talk to any couple you know married for a decent amount of time. Did they meet in a bar? Odds are they didn’t.

Try other places; bookstores, coffee shops, walking around a lake (that puppy/baby idea is GOLD, JERRY! GOLD!!), public readings or lectures, museums, etc. And don’t try too hard. Stay mellow and you’ll find your own little sweetcakes.


I don’t care how many freaking witty and compassionate e-mails you guys exchange, I don’t give a rat’s ass how intelligent her postings on the “Doctor Who” message board are, you will NOT get to know her this way. NOTHING substitutes for good old-fashioned face to face communication. Besides, this way you can stare at her breasts when she’s not looking.

Hope this helps!

“My hovercraft is full of eels.”

If you are a sports fan, meeting at a sports bar might be OK.

George Stait, You Know Me Better Than That