Bill and Melinda Gates getting a divorce

When my wife told me this yesterday I was like, “Nah, that’s probably clickbait”. Didn’t take long to confirm it. I have to admit I’m a bit shocked. 27 years is a long time. I don’t know what “no longer believe we can grow together as a couple in this next phase of our lives”. Maybe empty nesters are just bored with eachother. Bill doesn’t strike me as the type to step out on his wife and go after some new young thing, but who knows. Anyway, just a mundane and pointless thing.

No, Bill and Melinda; it’s ‘May the Force be with you,’ not ‘divorce’.

So she found out Bill really did want to microchip anyone but was foiled by reality?

I think its a shame because I think Melinda did a lot to help Bill grow into a good human being from a self centered ass. But its also reality that with grown kids, there quirks have worn each other down (I couldn’t live with Bill Gates for 27 years - and I suspect anyone that could has their own quirks). They seem to be letting go on good terms and will keep running the foundation together.

The New York Times article mentioned that they’ve given something like $50-55 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and his net worth is around $124 billion. One question is how much of that she takes in the divorce and what she decides to do with it. She may well continue to contribute to the foundation or she might do her own thing. MacKenzie Scott, Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife, gave away like five billion last year (while he seems not to be doing so).

I think we need to stop expecting relationships to last a lifetime. Divorces shouldn’t be news to anyone. It’s natural and normal for relationships to end. Indeed, we should make divorce a lot easier and legally painless than it is now

Isn’t that up to the couple? Some people make it a break-up, some people make it a blood-feud.

Doesn’t anybody stay together anymore?..

Quite a pity, that two people who did a whole lot of philanthropic good for the world can’t get along.

A 1st cousin (once removed) of mine died in November of 2020. He was married (to the same woman) for 74 years…


It’s not just up to the couple. There is actually a system in place. There are a lot of people who can’t afford to get divorced and they have no assets to fight over.

Been with my wife for 27 years. Just one more to go!

Why a it a pity? There are a lot of people I might get along with that I would choose not to share a household or legal and financial ties with. Why can’t we just see this as a natural part of the cycle of a relationship? It’s neither good nor bad, neither a pity nor a cause for celebration. It just is.

They seem to get along well enough; they’re planning to continue to work together on their philanthropic foundation. They just don’t want to be married to each other anymore.

That’s irrelevant. We live in a world where failing to signal a turn can have them chasing you for miles and trying to kill you. If one or both parties aren’t rational about ending the relationship, no system is going to get good results. And relationships are an area where people feel almost no obligation to be rational.

No, it’s not irrelevant. Divorce is too difficult and expensive for many people who want to be divorced and aren’t fighting over anything. It’s one of the number one unserved legal needs of poor people. The system absolutely is a barrier.

What’s going to happen then? :open_mouth:

Do you have a cite?

We “beat” Bill and Melinda. I’m being facetious btw.

Doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore? :notes:


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