Bitch-get out of my life

I can’t believe you. I don’t want anything to do with you, bitch.
You’re my ex-girlfriend. We broke up last May, and I know we were friends for a while. But Remember? I decided to stop talking to you a few months ago, ad I know you were sad and cried, but you don’t have a say in who I talk to or not. And maybe we would still be talking if you hadn’t pissed me off by becoming friends with one of my friends, and asked me ‘why, what;s wrong’ instead of stopping talking to him when I told you to. I don’t care that you’ve been nice, I’ve ended our friendship and that’s that. it’s not your decision. So what’s up with you sending me a happy birthday e-mail recently? And furthermore, I previously had everyone not on my AOL buddy list blocked (including you). I took it off today, but had one of your SNs blocked. And you showed up on the other sn?!? WTF?
I know you didn’t IM me, my friends, or even view my subprofile, but I just know that if I had left you on there one second longer, you would have IMed me. So I couldnt let that happen, and I blocked you on that name. I hope you’ll get the hint, and stay on one of those two sns. But I know your’e still in love with me, and I can probably expect a Merry Christmas e-mail sometime later this year. I know we haven’t talked for months, but please, seriously leave me alone. You look obsessive, hon.

How is it your call who she makes friends with? Why do you think you can tell her to stop talking to someone?

And why do you get to decide what SN she uses on AOL? She didn’t IM you! She was leaving you alone.


I think she may well be better off without you.

One of my friends stumbled across her somehow, and they struck up a friendship. It made me extremely mad that the two of them were talking, just because it’s wrong. He wouldn’t stop talking to her, and she said she if it really bothered me, it would if she told me what the problem was, but I didnt, and I don’t know if they still talk.
I had her blocked for a reason. She might started to IM me and get into my business and read my subprofile if I hadn’t, so I blocked the two sns of hers I know. Even though she didnt IM me, I didnt want to take that chance.

You’re being incredibly childish.

Gotta agree with Opal. You look like the obsessed one.

Why is it wrong ?

It’s pretty obvious I’m over her and not obsessed if I don’t want her to IM me or talk to her.

You said she hasn’t talked to you or IM your for months but you are still worried about it. So what is the problem?

In Conceivable
It’s wrong because I just don’t want them talking. She was fine before he came along, and she’ll be just fine without him.

No, sadly, it’s not.

You are trying, apparently poorly, to control how she lives her life, who she has contact with, and who she may and may not speak to. That is obsessive, controlling behavior.

Your relationship is over. Therefore, you have no say in who she can or can’t talk to. If she wants to become friends with every single person you know, you can’t do a fucking thing about it but either deal or make new friends.

There is nothing wrong with your friend becoming her friend other than in your apparently fragile mind.

I could have sworn you had to be out of the 5th grade to post here, guess I’m wrong.

Dear God, save us from those that would read about our public online lives.

And talk to our friends. Can’t have our friends talking to other people that we don’t approve of. Especially if we asked them not to.

You do know that Freedom of Association is written into the Constitution, right? (Assuming you are a U.S. citizen.) That means that you can choose to hang out with someone or not, just as they can choose who they want to hang out with.

Beyond Constitutional issues, accept now that nothing you put online is private. once your fingers hit the keys and press “send” its gone, out there, public and attached to you. If you have things online that you don’t want people to see (or even a person), don’t say them online. The internet is out of your ability to control.

I’m starting to think that this might be… one of those hairy things.

Er, you don’t own your friends or her. Get over it and let them be friends.



I don’t think she and this guy even talk anymore, but still. I’ve told my friends enough times that I’m over her, and every time I have a problem with her they all know about it. These friends are also her friends from when we were dating, so she should know that I don’t care about her. I didn’t think I was controlling her.


(I’m going to hell now, aren’t I…)

That’s pretty good reasoning. I take back everything I said. After all, the world should revolve around you, not the other way around. How dare they speak to one another without your permission.

Speaking of revolving, your circular logic is impeccable.

Whu?? You don’t like her telling you who you can talk to but you dictate who SHE can talk to?

Ever heard of a little word called ‘hypocrite’? Look it up in the dictionary. it’s you.

She doesn’t deserve to be called ‘bitch’ by a nasty little immature fuckbubble like you. You owe her an apology.