Blame Canada!

Actually, not blame them… Just end the rather silly and technical separation of the two countries. The recent staff report on “plan red” to invade Canada brings it to mind. Why not join the two “kissing cousins” countries together?

Okay, there’s Quebec… But other than that eminently solvable issue…?


So, you want the U.S. to annex Canada.



And anyway, the plan is already in action. Notice how the US is constantly sucking NHL teams away from their northern homeland. A few more years without a Stanley Cup and a dwindling supply of NHL franchises will bring them to their frozen knees.


Well, I wouldn’t mind if Canada annexed us, but I’m not sure I would want it to happen the other way around. The Canadians probably wouldn’t like it much either.

It would be nice if we had a reciprocal right-of-work-and-residency agreement, however, similar to what the EU countries have.

Or a unified phone and postal system.

We already have the phone system, more or less.

Actually, I was thinking more merger than acquisition: EU style work and residency freedom, united infrastructure, etc. Whether the legislatures are unified or not is too some extent moot at that point.

Sorry, I hit “submit” by accident.

Here’s a related link:

North American Numbering Plan

I think that might be as close an association as the Canadians want to have with us.

Yeah, let Canada annex us and call it The United States of Canada and keep the Maple Leaf (for sure). We’d be called Canadians, which I like because it is a little embarrassing telling someone from this hemisphere that you are an American. The biggest opposition would probably come from Texas, since they’d drop down to about 8th or 9th largest state (they’ve never recovered from that Alaska thing yet). It would solve the problem of guarding that big ass border. Just think, we’d be a nation with three languages (yes, Spanish is the third). Lumber is a good reason and so is all the potential hydoelectric energy that Quebec has. To convince the Canadians of this one sided deal, we should point out that they will be getting both Disneyland and Disney World and the value of their dollars will be going up. Is this WIN WIN or what? :smiley:

Nah, whose Constitution would we keep? I want to keep the US.

Um, not being from any part of the American continent myself… well as a mere outsider, might I suggest that this is not really going to be a winner?

Yes, I rather think kniz was being a bit tongue in cheek there. :slight_smile:

But as for a travel and work and reside sort of union, well - I’d see no problem there , so it will be interesting to see what views are expressed, as it is not a situation I would know very much about.

YET! This being the S.D.M.B., I am sure I’ll be better informed shortly. :slight_smile:

Canada has a pretty flag though - that might be an important consideration.

Yeah, But I want the Canadian National anthem.

I’d rather we stayed separate countries as this allows us to freely hold unfounded opinions if we wish, and gossip amongst ourselves about them 'Murricans.:wink:

Actually, Fewl makes a good point… We do have sort of a Lucy & Ricky Vs. Fred & Ethel thing going on here. The occasional spats merely supporting the fundamental respect and friendship. Of course once they all lived together in Connecticut the show went off the air withing the year, so maybe we stick with status quo (eh?)

Nothing will happen until there are high level meetings or back channel contacts to resolve the thorny football field dimensions issue.

The way things are going for NHL franchises in Buffalo, Atlanta, and the like, I wouldn’t be half surprised if a few had to cross the border the other way in the next few years.

Then people from North of the border wouldn’t have to suffer those frigid Canadian winters. :slight_smile:

And the number of downs. :wink:

In another thread there is some bitching about McDonalds invading the cultures of other countries. I know this is not a universal complaint, but I want to register my objection to Canada invading the U.S. with hockey. It does not fit any better on a TV screen than soccer does (in fact it is simply soccer on ice). Nobody in San Antonio knows how to ice skate and their uniforms have not gone bee-boop like the NBA has. Go home, Wayne Gretzky! :slight_smile:

:smiley: [sup]Whew, for years I’ve been holding that back and now that I’ve vented, I feel so much better.[/sup]


Well me being a mere furriner, might I ask, or ought I not to ask, precisely what is involved in these… um…“back channel contacts”?

Perhaps better not to ask, I do not know.
Yours sincerely,

Confused of Scotland