Bloody-minded fucked up people

Tonight I had my second encounter with a woman who apparently had formed the idea that I was anti-women - or at least that was how I interpreted the situation.

This evening - almost 6 months later - I was in her presence again, and I misguidedly tried to lift the miasma (after about an hour of uncomfortable non-communication) more or less and to try to re-state my opinion again whilst we were both not fucked up drunk and get us on to speaking terms (hell, she wasn’t doing anything) - by carefully stating my opinion that women (men too, but women especially) were discougared…

That’s about as far a I got. Seriously, if I had gone any further, it would have ended in a boxing match - and I would probably have lost too. I honestly don’t have a fucking clue what the hell was going on.

I’m a man who likes to know WHAT THE FUCK is going on. I will accept that I don’t agree with most people, and that there is plenty of stuff that I’m too stupid to know, but seriously, she doesn’t seem too stupid. What the fuck is going wrong here?

Discougared? Well, I know I haven’t been the same since they removed ole Fluffy out of my rectum.

I’m sorry, I’m pissed.

Your post reads like it’s part of a much longer conversation, but it’s been snipped out and just posted at random.

Yeah give us a hint at least.

I can bet I can guess what the consensus will be. Stop talking to her.

I guess it kind of depends on what your opinion was. Stating it carefully doesn’t necessarily make it acceptable, in every case.

What was it that you were about to say to her?

Fucking chicks, right?


Women were discouraged…

from speaking back to their superior male masters? Something like that?

I just love the meta ness of this whole thing…

Um, I have no opinion on this thread (because I have no idea what it is about, except men, women and miscommunication [the latter issue obviously not limited to encounters with the fairer sex]). However, I insist that the OP hand over his user name to a more deserving party (because he’s a fucking thief).


This is the second thread I’ve come across where the poster is (probably) unintentionally being coy. Either give us the complete story or don’t post at all. Without knowing what exactly went down, there’s no way any of us can contribute to the thread.

I wasn’t trying to be coy, I was just tired and drunk and angry and confused.

In a nutshell, I met this woman a couple of months ago. When I say “met”, I mean, I was talking to somebody else and she got very assertive that I was being an ass and I should shut up.

What I was talking about at the time was that I thought that over here women are discouraged from doing “hard science” (mathematics, physics etc) and that that was a regrettable situation.

(I admit that that is a debatable position on several levels, that is not the point).

Her contribution to the discussion was that since I was a man (or more accurately, not a woman), I should not even consider thinking about that sort of thing and shut the hell up. Since I thought that that wasn’t even an argument, I tried to make my reasoning more clear and see what she actually thought about the issue. That almost ended in a fist fight. I can’t recall the details of the “discussion” if only because I couldn’t even finish a sentence without being shouted over. In the end I put the whole thing down to drunkenness on both parties.

So, 2 days ago, I met her again (for some reason some of my acquaintances are friendly with her). After some time (that I spent mostly ignoring her) I thought I might try to see if we could ever talk about the issue at all and not get into a big bloody row - I don’t like leaving discussions unresolved; I’m fine with people not agreeing, but I want to know what the hell they actually think so that I can at least understand a bit of where they’re standing. It literally took less than a single question to put her into a bloody rage.

I tried a few more questions but since I couldn’t finish a single sentence, I just left it.

I guess I just don’t understand how people work like that.

As for Stickler: you’re probably right. I just hope I don’t bump in to her for the next couple of months.

It sounds to me like she’s totally into you, and just doesn’t know how to communicate it.

Hahah. I don’t think so.

The part of my mind that thinks amazingly sexist stupid things is channeling Andrew Dice Clay. He’s thinking you’d get a word in edgewise if her mouth was full. I leave the rest of the visual up to you.

I am horribly HORRIBLY embarrassed at thinking this, and will now go wash my brain out with soap.

(ETA: See, they’re debating sexism…and I was trying to be funny…and if I have to explain it…nevermind)


Now, that you’ve explained the details (assuming you are remotely accurate in the recollection)…you got a crazy assed bitch on your hands.

Move on. Or fuck her once and move on. Your choice.

Yeah. Stick your dick in the crazy. That’s usually pretty sound advice.


So, if I understand correctly is that you are saying that, “It is unfortunate, but women, or more to the point, girls and young ladies, are not encouraged to study the hard sciences where I grew up, live, and work. I believe that they should be encouraged to study if they like those subjects not steered into other directions.” And she thought because you have a phallus that you didn’t get to say things like that? How does she think that is ever going to change if the people with the phalluses do not not acknowledge that and work to to change it?
She is a nutter or I have completely misunderstood?

Always a recipe for success.:smiley:

Drunk both times.

It set her off the first time, let’s have another go. Sheer sparkling brilliance!

If you were as, ahem, ‘well spoken’, making your, [no doubt scintillating], points as in your post I think I see the problem.

Maybe, next time, engage in clever repartee before you get your hammered on. Could change the outcome, is all I’m saying.

PS where, exactly is ‘over here’?