Bluebell Ice Cream Is Evil And A Big Cow Statue... The MMP

The Bluebell Ice Cream makers are evil. EVIL, I say! They have two new flavors out. See, I like to buy new flavors to see what they’re like, especially when ice cream is on sale. Bluebell is on sale two for five bucks right now. I bought a bunch of vanilla cause I like vanilla and it’s good on stuff like peach cobbler and apple pie and all kinds of other stuff. But I digress. I saw two new never seen by me before flavors, Lemon Ice Box Pie and Chocolate Covered Strawberry. They taste like their names! NUMMMMMMMMMM!!! So, I went back to the store to buy another half gallon of each and YAY they actually had ‘em still. Usually when I do that what I go for is gone. Anyways, the Lemon Ice Box Pie one has little bits of graham crackers in it even, just like its namesake. The Chocolate Covered Strawberry one has these little chocolate chunk things in it that have squishy stuff in ‘em that tastes like strawberries. If those Bluebell Ice Cream makers had any sort of morality at all (but they don’t since they are EVIL) they woulda tasted nuttin’ like their namesakes and I could say that I am exercising restraint by eating only a little bit of ice cream at a time. That’s cause even if I didn’t like it, I’d still eat it til it was gone because I’m cheap. Well, there have been two exceptions to that ice cream eatin’ rule. One was a peppermint flavor ice cream made by Kinnett’s that was real sticky, sicky sweet (Snakes lives where Kinnett’s used to come from before it got sold and went somewhere’s else. They had an ice cream plant with a statue of a big cow,Kadie the Cow , out in front. It’s a Columbus, GA landmark. The dairy got torn down and Kadie got put in storage. A Best Buy was built where the dairy was and Kadie was put back, so now she stands out in front of Best Buy.) and another one made by Kinnett’s called Rainbow which was just awful! They shoulda named Rainbow “Festering Six Weeks Old Roadkill” or “Stinky Feet” cause that woulda been truth in advertising.
I may become addicted to Lemon Ice Box Pie and Chocolate Covered Strawberry ice cream. That means it will disappear never to be seen again and I will be forced to become homeless and live under a bridge, or just find another kind of ice cream. You never know how these addiction things will pan out.
You may now discuss this amongst yourselves or hijack this to heck and back just like Cool Kids do.

mmmmm - ice cream…

This weekend, I introduced my nephew to one of my favorites - Tin Roof Sundae. He was properly impressed, and the 56 oz container was emptied in 3 days. A pox upon ice cream manufacturers for being sneaky like that - they make these cartons that look like the half-gallon size, but they’re not a half gallon. But they charge as much as they used to for a half gallon. They should be honest and raise their prices and give us the full amount we’re accustomed to, dagnabbit! One and three-quarters or one and one-half quarts just ain’t enough ice cream. Period.


I figured out why my right food hurts so much after yesterday’s trekkin’ around DC adventure - as we were headed to the Archives Metro station at the end of the day, we were going down an artificially narrowed sidewalk. I moved to the right to allow for the people oncoming, and I kicked the concrete chunk that was supporting the pole for the chain link fence. At the time, I was more worried about falling on top of Robert, skinny little thing that he is. I caught my balance, and we went on and came home.

But this morning when I dragged myself up to take the dog out for her walk, my right foot reeeeeeaaaaaally hurt, and the little “Oh, yeah!!!” lightbulb went on. Lucky for me, it’s gonna be a rainy day and all I have to do is take the dog to the vet at 5:30. So I can limp around the house doing chores and teaching Robert to bake brownies. And maybe run to McKay’s for another pseudo-half-gallon of Tin Roof Sundae, because it’s still on sale.

Full circle post. Happy Monday!!!

Happy Monday morning! This is my first time posting to the MMP, so please be gentle, folks. :slight_smile:

FairyChatMom, if your foot still hurts today, you should go check it out - you might have a fracture in the foot (that’s how I fractured my 5th metatarsal on my left foot two years ago, btw, although I turned my ankle on top of a chunk of concrete).

I’ve never had Blue Bell ice cream, but Turkey Hill is some of the best, and I think they’ve had that Lemon Ice Box pie flavor before. The Chocolate Strawberry does sound delicious. My favorite TH flavor has been Party Cake, although it is a bit on the sweet side (it’s pieces of frosted birthday cake in a vanilla ice cream). LOL My nutritionist would shoot me, though, for even -thinking- of eating this stuff now! So yes, I’ve got some splenda-sweetened sorbet in my freezer now … really. :smiley:

Welcome to the realm of the Cool Kids, tarragon! I don’t know if gentle will fly here, but we’re mostly harmless. Mostly.

Turkey Hill - that’s what we’ve got! Pretty good stuff, by golly. Even if they do short-sheet the consumer, so to speak…

I appreciate the foot advice, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a bruise. I didn’t kick the support that hard - we weren’t moving all that fast. It was mostly a matter of stumbling and trying not to fall while holding my umbrella high enough not to smack the oncoming pedestrians. I don’t know what “they” were doing on that side of the National Archives, but I’m certain they did it just to trap me.

Now I want ice cream. We’ve got strawberries-n-cream left. That’s breakfast food, isn’t it? Cream is like milk and strawberries are fruit - that wholesome! Reminiscent of Bill Cosby’s riff on eggs and milk and wheat - chocolate cake for breakfast!!! :smiley:

Did I mention we’re going to bake brownies today? Robert is going to get a cooking lesson. It’s what you do when it’s raining outside.

Mmmm…ice cream. I hardly ever buy ice cream because I wind up eating it out. This is the down side of living around the corner from the best ice cream store ever. I had 1/2 a scoop of lemon-blueberry and 1/2 dark cocoa gelato last time I stopped by. (Sorry, I’ve never tried Bluebell - I don’t think…)

Welcome tarragon! I’ll leave others who are both more awake and more creative to bestow an official nickname or two on you.

I’m awake, just barely, and finishing putting newpapers in bags for recycling. And then it’s off to work!


Good Morning! It raining again. 2 weeks and we’ve gone from drought to ark building. Gotta go to work, but I’ll post a toon later.

Don’t worry, the initiation is painless(I won’t feel a thing). :smiley:

I’m evil for reading the title as “Blueball Ice Cream Is Evil…” :eek:

I blame it on the jet lag.

Holy cheese, it’s flooding. I feel relatively safe up here on the second floor, but somehow I don’t think I’m going to make it to work today. This really really bugs me, since I don’t like to not go to work unless I’m near-dead, but I don’t think it can be helped. The hotel management has blocked both the door into the lobby and the way out to the parking lot, so I can’t get out to the bus stop in any case. If the rain stops and the water goes down, I might be able to go in later, though. I already called my boss about a half hour ago and left her a message and asked her to call me back. I am worried about my job, though.

Welcome, Tarragon. I hereby submit the nick of Spicy in your honor.
Saturday, we went to pay a visit to the seller of the VunderLair because he wanted to show me some stuff before he was gone from the property. That is one crazy old sumbitch…

Foremost on the list was how to sweep the chimney. He breaks out a ladder, and we get up on the roof, which is a 1:1 pitch :eek: , and walk up to the chimney. I’m not afraid of heights, but I did some roofing when in college, and I’ve taken a couple of falls, so I am afraid of my clumsiness. Up there, if you slip, there’s nothing between you and the ground. Anyway, we get to the chimney. He lowers the TV antenna, and uses the mount to climb up on top of the chimney. :eek: :eek: :eek:

He’s really heave-hauling on the chimney brush, and all I could think of was how clumsy I am and how far down 30 feet looks from up in the air. The amazing part of this is that I managed up and down on the roof without incident, and a year ago I would have said “Riiiiiight…” looking up from the ground.

I think I’ll find a good chimney sweep instead. If they won’t make the trip to Mayberry, I might go shopping for a good climbing rig…

Welcome home Shibbie

Welcome to where the cool kids hang, Tarra (that’ll be your nickname here) As part of the initiation, you must shower FCM with gifts of chocolate; we’ll save the goat and the squid for your second week :wink: :smiley:

I tend not to buy ice ream because I will go thru an entire container unless it’s truly yucky (in which case I probably wouldn’t have bought it in the first place) I usually buy pints, because eating a whole pint is not nearly as bad as a whole (or almost whole) half gallon. And I favor Hagaan Dasz[sup]TM[/sup] or Ben And Jerry’s[sup]TM[/sup]

I am now about an hour late for work and feeling very much like chucking it today, but I do have to run out later because I’m out of some necessaries. Have a nice Monday, all.

tarragon918, we have something in common. I broke the fifth metatarsal on my right foot the same way a few years ago - broke it loose from the ankle. It was…interesting… hearing the little “pop” and looking down to see the bone pushing up against my skin from the inside.

Swampy , Katie the Cow now has a calf. No one is sure where she came from, she just showed up one day. I think Katie stole her from another cow, as the calf is much too small to be Katies.

We go some rain yesterday! We could use some more, too.

Hope everyone has a great week.

swamp - great MMP. Ima be thinking about ice cream all day now. yay!

Tel - :eek: :eek: :eek: I hope everyone stays safe! I’m sure your boss will be okay with you not drowning.


Ice cream.


Of course, the absolute best ice cream is vanilla with some worft of fresh fruit like strawberries on top.

I just called again and she’s not there yet. I left another message and went out to look at the situation. The parking lots have dried up somewhat and I could go to work if the hotel folks would raise the barriers they put up. I’d call a cab but I have no cash on me. As usual. :smack:

Telp did youu buy any big wading boots when you were out clothes shopping? I think, when the water recedes, you shold go out and buy some for the next time.

We’ve got rain too. And it will probably rain Wednesday, the day of the Annual Technical Thingies, Inc Beer, I mean Golf, Outing. Boo rain!

Last summer we had a Bluebell Ice Cream truck come by the office every afternoon. It was driver by a really cute and petite girl who refused to wear a bra with her loose-fitting T-shirt. And yes, we figured out right away which ice creams were at the bottom of the cooler. So I guess we were evil too, and it involved Bluebell Ice Cream.

I’m a MMP virgin - or was until those words back there.

I’m scared. Scared to death.

I just found a Baskin Robbins store near my house and I’m afraid I’ll become the B.R. stalker - then the regular shopper.

Mr. Baskin and Mr. Robbins make the absolute best chocolate chip ice cream in the world.

I’ve shown admirable restraint so far but it’s getting harder. I really need to know what the “for a limited time” flavors are. I really do.


Ya know, many times, the right tool for the job is a checkbook - that’s my philosophy!

The Easts left behind a chimney cleaning brush with the extensions, but I have no problem paying some guy $150 to clean the two chimblies here. Our roof isn’t steep, and FCD has been up there several times, but there’s no way I’m going to suggest he try cleaning it, and I certainly don’t intend to myself.

I got a call this morning from my baby - she’s in Key West today, awaiting her snorkling excursion. She seems to be enjoying her cruise, which is great. One thing that amazed me - I know the bar tab is extra, but she had to buy a card for sodas! $60 for all the sodas she wants to drink on the cruise - criminy, for that much, I could get my daily drink from a convenience store every work day for 2 months and still have cash left over! What a racket!

I still want ice cream. The young monster is awake, and we’ll be heading to BJ’s in a little while - I need a few things and he loves to shop, so that’ll kill some time. Then after lunch, we’ll bake brownies. How long can I stretch out that adventure???


When I was a young newbie student in the Navy stationed at NAS Memphis, there was a B-R by the Exchange where I would visit frequently for the chocolate-peanut butter ice cream by the pint. Yummerrific chocolate ice cream with ribbons of peanut butter swirled thru. Pardon my drool…

Welcome to the MMP - what took you so long? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, **Sean, ** didn’t think to buy any boots. Best idea I’ve heard all day, though.

I’m going to put my work clothes back on and try for getting to work at ten. That’s the earliest I can make it.

I just called in - I’m going back to sleep