Cantaloupe 'n Cream Ice Cream by Bluebell

Sounds odd, but tastes great. Made with Pecos melons!

…excuse me, I’m sick. Excuse me, I’m sick…


That sounds atrocious. Cantaloupe by itself is bad enough but in ice cream? Ugh.

Ooh. I love cantaloupe and I love ice cream and I can only imagine that it’s good.
My grandpa used to make cantaloupe jelly. It sounds weird, but it was delicious. I haven’t had it for over 15 years and no one knows if he had a recipe or just made it up.

My mom and aunts make cantaloupe juice. Not really juice, but more like a very thin smoothie. Its delicious.

ca3799 , your evil brother told me about that so I had to go get some, man is it good! Of course, it helps of you don’t hate cantaloupe. I haven’t bought cantaloupe in so long 'cause I can’t find any good ones (don’t know the trick to picking them).
Blue Bell also recently came out with Key Lime Pie, mmmmmmm…pie :slight_smile:
Years ago I had some Pecan Pie Blue Bell and it was amazing, haven’t seen it in 6 or 7 years though :confused:

The terms are mutually exclusive.


Where might I purchase this taste treat?

If you live in the southeastern U.S., you’re in luck. They do Fedex orders, however.

Blue Bell

My personal favorite: Pecan Pralines 'n Cream.

I had no idea Blue Bell was regional. I’d not seen any since moving to the PNW but didn’t think much of it since I rarely eat ice cream anyway. Huh.

I might have to do the FedEx thing though. While I abhor canteloupe, I ***love ** * anything lime or lemon flavored and Key Lime Pie ice cream sounds ambrosial.

I think I may go get some of this…really soon.

I’ve always wondered why more things aren’t cantaloupe flavored…it’s one of my favorite fruits. I will forever praise Gatorade (which I hated before) for coming up with a cantaloupe flavor–fierce melon. That is the only thing that has come near breaking my Dr. Pepper habit.

But cantaloupe ice cream…tis a dream come true.

Mine, too!

We also like homemade vanilla :smiley:

Blue Bell truly is the best ice cream to be found - especially the flavors with gold rims on their cartons - those are truly premium :stuck_out_tongue:

Adding to the testimonials, this ice cream is somehow “Better than it should be” (it’s hard to explain but it’s greater than the sum of it’s parts) and I suggest that everyone STAY AWAY from it (at least until i’m sick of it, that should be only a few months).


My dad used to cut a canteloupe in half, scoop out the seeds, and fill the cavity with vanilla ice cream. It’s very good. Bluebell ice cream is absolutely the best, so I imagine this new flavor is wonderful. But I will always choose Pecans Pralines’N’Cream if it’s available.