bluecanary's Geek Compilation

This follows up my previous thread, in which I requested suggestions of geeky/nerdy songs. I posted this tracklisting in the thread, but it was not prominent. The CDs don’t actually exist, this is (at present, until I buy all the songs if I ever do so) just for entertainment and discussion purposes. Let me know what you think…

Mods: I hope this is OK - If not, I’m happy for you to close this thread.


  1. Tom Lehrer - ‘Elements’ (YouTube)
  2. They Might Be Giants - ‘The Sun Is A Mass of Incandescent Gas’ (YouTube)
  3. Jonathan Coulton - ‘That Spells DNA’ (YouTube)
  4. The Pettit Project - ‘99 Lives’ (YouTube)
  5. The Klein Four - ‘Finite Simple Group (of Order Two)’ (YouTube1)
  6. Speck - ‘Conventional Lover’ (YouTube)
  7. Brad Paisley - ‘I’m So Much Cooler Online’ (YouTube)
  8. Marian Call - ‘I’ll Still Be A Geek’ (YouTube, MySpace)
  9. Moxy Fruvous - ‘My Baby Loves A Bunch of Authors’ (YouTube)
  10. MJ Hibbett & The Validators - ‘It Only Works Because You’re Here’ (YouTube)
  11. Weird Al Yankovic - ‘Virus Alert’ (YouTube)
  12. Barcelona - ‘I Have The Password To Your Shell Account’ (YouTube)
  13. They Might Be Giants - ‘Particle Man’ (YouTube)
  14. Jonathan Coulton - ‘The Presidents’ (YouTube)
  15. Belle & Sebastian - ‘Wrapped Up In Books’ (YouTube)
  16. Plastic Parachute - ‘Houdini’ (YouTube)
  17. Todd Snider - ‘Statistician’s Blues’ (YouTube)
  18. Da Vinci’s Notebook - ‘The Gates’ (YouTube,
  19. Andy Xport - ‘Internet Warriors’ (eSnips)
  20. Indigo Girls - ‘Galileo’ (YouTube)
  21. Bo Burnham - ‘New Math’ (YouTube - NSFW2)
  22. Jonathan Coulton - ‘I Feel Fantastic’ (YouTube)
  23. Amateur Transplants - ‘The Drugs Song’ (YouTube - Possibly NSFW)
  24. Thomas Dolby - ‘Hyperactive!’ (YouTube)
  25. Scarlet Division - ‘Sundial’ (YouTube)
  26. Ozma - ‘If I Only Had A Heart’ (N/A)
  27. Dogs Die In Hot Cars - 'I Love You ‘cause I Have To’ (YouTube)
  28. Weezer - ‘Why Bother’ (YouTube)
  29. The Would Be’s - ‘My Radio Sounds Different In The Dark’ (iMeem)
  30. Rush - ‘Subdivisions’ (YouTube)
  31. Simon & Garfunkel - ‘I Am A Rock’ (YouTube)
  32. The Dawn Parade - ‘The Hole In My Heart’ (YouTube)
  33. Cuckooland - ‘Happathy’ (MySpace)
  34. Bowling For Soup - ‘High School Never Ends’ (YouTube)
  35. The Pettit Project - ‘Guess I Gotta Guess’ (N/A)
  36. Encyclopedia - ‘Emily’ (MySpace)
  37. The Unlovables - ‘Everything’s Overrated’ (MySpace)
  38. Jonathan Coulton - ‘Code Monkey’ (YouTube)
  39. Weezer - ‘In The Garage’ (YouTube)
  40. They Might Be Giants - ‘Birdhouse In Your Soul’ (YouTube)
  41. Ozma - ‘Apple Trees’ (YouTube)
  42. Semisonic - ‘Chemistry’ (YouTube)
  43. Special Edd - ‘You’re Not Alone’ (MySpace)
  44. Weezer - ‘Pork & Beans’ (YouTube)
    1 The laughing on this video is rather annoying - I hope I can find a ‘clean’ version of this song.
    2 I won’t link directly to this. There’s no issues with the video, but some of the song’s lyrics are definitely not for the easily offended

Some great choices there bluecanary.

Do you think British acts like John Shuttleworth, Half man half biscuit count as geeks? You can take your pick from their back catalogues:

HMHB - ‘Bad losers on yahoo chess’ (Youtube)

JS - ‘Two margarines’ (Youtube)

‘Two margarines on the go, it’s a nightmare scenario…’

It’s alright, but the complete lack of MC Lars is scary.

Whether you like rap or not, the man revels in his geekitude.

They’re a great selection. Another MJ Hibbett & The Validators song I love is “Hey Hey 16k”.

What, no MC Hawking?

Admittedly I didn’t give the ‘nerdcore’ much of a chance, since (thanks to Dopers and others) I had more than enough in my preferred genres.

In particular, Marian Call, Brad Paisley, Moxy Fruvous and especially Jonathan Coulton are songs I predict I’ll be playing for years to come.

I suppose a fair amount of TMBG was to be expected, but if you want to shake things up just a smidge, The Bobs do a great a cappella version of Particle Man.

Their studio CD is for sale at CafePress and iTunes, where you can buy the individual song for 99 cents. It’s a studio cut, no laughing. :slight_smile:

If you’re still taking suggestions…

The Galaxy Song from Monty Python’s Meaning of Life

Tetris theme A as played on electric guitar by Ozma

Come On Fhqwhgads by Strong Bad