Board Meltdowns

So, what’s up with all the meltdowns lately on the SDMB? I’ve seen posters just be extremely jerkish knowing that their actions will get them banned, posters requesting that the admins ban them because they are so sick of everyone on this board, posters who feel it their job to point out how mod X is being a jerk and that a lowly poster would get banned for those same actions, and mods who just seem to blow up at the slightest instance.

What is it? Is it cabin fever? Vitamin deficiencies? Lack o’ nookie? Or is it that the Hellmouth is opening soon and our annual apocalypse is upon us? Either way people, SHAPE UP!! We are the SDMB, the shining beacon of intelligence in this see of ignorance we call the Internet. We are above this.

Now, I want everyone to hold hands and sing Kumbya.

don’t say you heard it from me.
:: disappears into the night::

Well, seems that the threat of war / terrorism is seeping into our psychies. Just about everyone is more tetchy these days. IMHO

Cheers, Bippy

Twoo wuv.

Don’t mention true love whilst giving felatio, you might put him off:)

Nah. I think it has more to with the fact that I haven’t been made a moderator yet.

People are understandably outraged by this oversight and are becoming more and more petulant and downright cranky as time goes by.

I’m expecting a board wide rebellion at any time because of this.

Most people seem to be on edge on and off the boards. Part war hysteria/terrorism hysteria, part fatigue from the season and weather.

I refer to such episodes as “Suicide by Mod”. As an admin on other sites, I have seen this happen from time to time. Occasionally, a poster ‘goes bad’. They lash out at their fellow posters and the authority figures, and don’t respond to advice/reproaches made by the Mods/Admins. Maybe the poster lost his job, has had a streak of bad luck, quit their meds, or whatever. Or maybe they just want the attention.

In each instance, the onus is on the poster to apologize for their dreadful posting habits and explain their bad behavior (and ask for forgivness/understanding). We all have bad days. If they continue to misbehave, then the Mods and Admins have no choice but to ban them.

Oh, no, being a mere moderator is beneath you. I think you should be King of the Boards! Then maybe you’d hang around here more, and my happiness would be complete.

Seriously, you guys.

FCM, you are wise beyond your years.

King of the boards? He’d have to fight Cecil for the title.


Come see the ultimate Battle Royale for control of the SDMB. See Slip Mahoney battle the infamous Cecil to the death. See pissed off posters commit suicide by mod. Witness lieu’s Amazing ASS perform all those tricks you’ve only read about.

You’ll pay for the whole seat but only use the edge.

Sure, Cecil’s a great king. But he’s a great old king. He’s slowing down, the reflexes aren’t there anymore, and there’s even signs of him mellowing out. He’ll ready to go.

It’s Lynn Bodoni I’m worried about.


Yep. When she sends her cousin Vinnie round for a ‘little chat’ the results are always unpleasant.

Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of navel-gazing, attention whoring newbies are posting the worst dreck I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. They think they’re so cool, so smart, we should all just bow down and worship the ground they walk on.

Or maybe it’s just me.

Hmm…maybe this should be a pit thread.

I blame snow days for these people.


Well, thanks for the warm welcome… :rolleyes:

Actually I know what you mean. Another board that I frequent is in the midst of the same things - near meltdown & influx of attention whoring newbies are posting the worst dreck I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading. Which is one reason why I’m surfing more lately & stumbled onto this place.

I think it’s an epidemic.

Ghostrider, don’t get us wrong. We love having new people who have something to contribute. So please stick around.

What this thread is about is people who come in, throw feces-worthy posts like monkeys at the zoo, and then whine that we’re not taking them seriously.


Just a quick comment, ghostrider is a really good username, did you choose it because of that cowboy song “Ghostriders in the Sky”.

Cheers, Bippy

truthbot, I seem to recall one suicide by mod committed BY a mod. I think you’ll know what I mean…