Borderlands: the retro player thread

I know there are dedicated game forums, including those for the Borderlands set, but I’d prefer to hook up with a few experienced players here. I’m a non-gamer and don’t hang on official boards, and I am one of those dogged serial players who finds a game and plays it until no one’s left who’s heard of it, and I rarely move into the hyper-focused numbers-driven power-leveling realm.

So: Borderlands. Discovered this on a suggestion a few weeks ago and just completed my first playthrough of the first game. Dawdling a bit before moving to Borderlands 2.

I have all the DLC for both games. I am presently in the first stages of playthrough-2 and one of the DLC additions with my level-37 Soldier. Might spin up another alt to play through as well, not sure whether Hunter or whatever the fembot character is. (Not too interested in the tank.)

Discussion welcomed. Some things that have bugged me are:

  • Is there any better overall navigation system? I am perpetually lost among zones when I have to return to clear a mission, and if there’s anything that tells me where, say, Loony-Loop Tannis’s base is, I can’t find it. I have to fumble around between zones before I find it. Am I missing something?

  • In the Dr. Ned Zombie Island DLC, I got to the end of the mission where I’m supposed to turn in the mission to the Doc, and get overwhelmed by zombies while he mutters and talks about lowering the elevator. I got killed and quit last night, so today I run the mission again, zombie-smush my way to the compound, wipe out the hordes… and nothing. I “talked” to the squawkbox and the elevator lowered… and nothing. No chat from the doc. No raise to the house. No more foes. Twice. The goal appears to be to get up to the house and meet the doc, but it never happens. Am I missing something, or is this mission instance broken?

Broderlands, huh? Is this a game about the Washington Post op-ed page? Broder & Co. loved the DLC, too. :smiley:

Broder wrote yet another column suggesting that the Vault Hunters should find a way to work with Atlas in a show of bipartisanship.

Sigh. I asked for a mod fix on my stupid typo…

I’m still playing Borderlands 2 and while the game is nice, that they expect you to play it through 3 times per character with no extra goodies - just bigger numbers - bites.

I remember being confused by it, too. Eventually I figured out that you have to press a button/lever/something after you get in the elevator.

But now my crappy jokes aren’t just crappy; now they don’t even make sense! :stuck_out_tongue:

I got on the Borderlands train late myself, having picked it up cheap during a Steam sale in anticipation of the Telltale game set in the same world. Then I moved on to Borderlands 2, which had the additional joy of some kind of plot.

A recent upgrade to my video card has resulted in me being able to run the PhysX at full-tilt and let me tell you, um, I don’t know what’s changed. But I have the game installed again for what it’s worth, so I’m revisiting it. I only got to level 47 with my Mechachix and her robot pal, but there’s still some DLC I haven’t finished.

I think in the original game, if you have the quest to go turn in to Tannis as your active quest, then the exit you should head towards is highlight on the main map and maybe minimap and HUD. Otherwise, it’s rote memorization of locations, which sucks if you’re doing one play-through at a time.

For the elevator, yeah, there’s a big handle on the elevator platform you need to throw, IIRC.