Boston Public, 5/6

Man, that was laying it down thick, wasn’t it?

I used to almost like that show.

My wife doesn’t mind the thick stuff, so often we’ll be watching something and I’ll start rolling my eyes, and she’ll give me an “Oh, hush!” or something similar.

Tonight when the king asked Robin to dance with him, she shouted “Yeah right!” before I could even parse my lips for a good “Phhhssst!”

All I can say was that was some bad drag. :eek:

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Strangely, I’ve heard people say that last week’s episode (Harry’s party) and this week’s were terrible, but I thought they were the best of the season, and maybe the best of the whole run of the series.

I was just about ready to give up on the show before last week, but I think the writers are getting their sense of humor back. I know, I know…The drag prom queen was ridiculous (they even did the famous “slow clap” when his name was announced!), but there were some really funny lines/scenes the past two episodes:

–Stephen’s sarcastic speech to the shoe lady. Hilarious.
–Guber’s fainting spell.
–Lipshultz’s “I’m really fond of black people” line.
–The whole tone of the party last week, with all the wisecracks and the suspicion that the Hook Lady had jumped.

Before these two episodes, I was getting really tired of the “issue of the week” mentality. (What shall we preach about this week? Guns? Bullying? Eating disorders? Drunk driving?) Now that it’s back (at least temporarily) to being a show about teachers and students and their everyday quirks/doings (which last night’s was other than the drag queen nonsense), it’s a LOT more entertaining. I just hope the current trend lasts.

Well, other parts of the episode were funny, but the main “yay! drag queens!” thing really rubbed me the wrong way.

It was done in an almost after-school special sort of way. All the teachers had this arrogant “finally, they learned their lesson” smugness when the “right” thing happened with the drag queen.

“Yay! Drag queen wins! People did the right thing. All is well. Now it’s time for some homo dancing.”


I, for one, was happy to see all good outcomes. Usually one storyline a week ends horribly.

The dress was over the top, but he sure was pretty.

I loved last week’s episode, and number it among the best I’ve ever seen. This week’s though…it seemed a little flat; I was expecting more drama and tension. And the previews for next week, haven’t we seen that before, a few times? What’s with kids and guns on this show? eek.

As a teacher, may I say that this show, in general, makes me vomit?

this show is tired. it jumped the shark after the second episode.

the writers take every headline that comes out of schools for the year and jam it into a single episode. it’s just too much.

and the stuff the teachers do would get them not only fired, but put in jail. and the administrators “going to bat” for the teachers? bullsh*t! administration is so afraid of lawsuits that a teachers get fired for any indiscretion. my old art teacher got forced into retirement because he grabbed a student by the shoulder after the kid smarted off and tried to walk out of class. that’s it. grabbed his shoulder and turned him around. that’s the world we live in, folks.

Well, I can see I’m in the minority here for liking this episode (despite the absurd prom-queen plot). It was entertaining.

As a teacher, I will say that the show does not make me vomit, as it does mailman. It at least makes an attempt to show some of the garbage that teachers have to put up with. Granted, I teach in a Catholic school, not a public one, but some of the issues are similar. Yes, the show is exaggerated. But I, for one, have found the last two episodes quite enjoyable.

Oh, and my administration is generally pretty supportive too. Again, this isn’t a public school, but…

What if Drag queen did not win? Would that have been the “wrong” thing?

I really like this show, really.
But as of late, its been a forced liking, more out of habit than anything else.

My husband and I seem to think the Drag Queen would never have won in RL. How many teens do you know would vote that way?

I liked Stephen’s speech, priceless.
But really, that was about the only thing in the show I liked, and don’t get me started on last week’s terror.

So when do you think Jerry Springer will pop up?

It would seem so, according to the writers.

If it feels good, do it, etc.

Any chance this horrid show won’t come back next season!?

That’s one thing I thought odd…where I live kids don’t vote for their prom king and queen, “impartial” judges (sometimes waitstaff- like at our proms, some times alums, dependant on the school policy) pick, but I don’t know anyone who went to a school where the students picked. Is the students’ picking something that commonly happens?

My high school didn’t even do “prom king” and “prom queen.” I can see why–it’s a dance, for Pete’s sake. Do we need a king and a queen for a dance? People do get way too into proms. I thought the show was accurate in that regard: I do know of people that do take it that seriously, like the prom is the ultimate event of one’s life or something. It’s just a dance.

But yes, I think many schools do have a vote for king and queen.

No chance at all! It’s a hit for FOX and David E. Kelley. Watch for the fall schedule to be announced next Thursday!

The drag queen wouldn’t win in real life? Actually, I have read of exactly that happening a few times. One theory involved folks voting for the guy as a protest against the absurdity of the contest.

That wasn’t the intent here.

At the end of the show, I was almost expecting one of the teachers to wink at the camera and say “See? Acceptance of transvestites is obviously the Right Thing. Why don’t you do it too?”