brag/whine about your fantasy football team.

I havn’t seen one of these threads yet this year, and I couldn’t find one in a search.

Everybody who takes FF pretty seriously and wants to brag on their teams, second guess their mistakes, or fish for reassurance can post here. Or else you can act superior an just talk about how stupid everybody else was with their picks. I figure most people have drafted by now, but if you havn’t yet, Join in after you draft.

My team. pick 8 out of 12, serpentine rounds

  1. Jamal Lewis
  2. Marshall Faulk
  3. Tony Gonzalez
  4. Derrick Mason
  5. Aaron Brooks
  6. Eric Moulds
  7. Travis Minor
  8. Dolphins D
  9. Jake Plummer
  10. Rod smith
  11. Steven Jackson
  12. Josh Brown
  13. Mark Brunell
    14 Daniel Graham
    for starters
    QB Aaron Brooks
    RB Jamal Lewis
    RB Marshall Faulk
    WR Derrick Mason
    WR Eric Moulds
    TE Tony Gonzalex
    D Dolphins
    k Josh Brown
    Faulk and Lewis have potential to be the best tandem in the league, but they have big risks too. Lewis’s trial and Faulk’s Age and injuries the last couple years. I picked up Jackson to Cover-my-ass if Faulk goes down again, and Minor to fill in during the expected absences(my least favorite pick in review,I wonder if there may have been a better choice). I don’t like Brooks much personally, but an unexpected early run on QB left him as the best available so I waited for 5th round. He has potential for a break-out season, but not the consistency I like from my QBs. I Picked two more starting QBs to hope I have something in any case. Mason is a steady WR, underated, but always consistent and good, maybe a bit early in round 4, but I needed a solid to make up for the risks. Moulds might be getting old, but steady to top-shelf over his career, not much of a risk in my opinion. Many people hate the TE third round pick, but T-Gon is my lucky charm every year. He has a few years on him now, but the difference between a top TE and the 6th TE is 6 points a game, and 70 for the year in my experience, so I never risk the big man going before I can get him.

More risky than my usual team, but this is a competitive league, and the 8 pick was the last one I wanted, So I went with my gut and took a new route this year, and I feel pretty good for the playoffs.

Your turn. :slight_smile:

Forgot a bit of my analysis.

Miami D pretty good in my opinion. We have a low scoring setup for points scored against def, so I figure a decent number of INT, Fumbles recovered, and def TD should make them a solid def overall. I’ll pick up a substitute based on matchup and flavor-of-the-week for their bye. A kicker is a kicker, and I figure the Seattle kicker should be a good as most with their offense.


I’d say you invested pretty heavily in an extremely risky backfield- one injury to Faulk or any lack of movement in the J-Lew case and you’re going to be sunk.

I got (from the 2nd spot of a snaking draft):

  1. RB LaDanian Tomlinson (S)
  2. RB Fred Taylor (S)
  3. QB Marc Bulger (S)
  4. WR Andre Johnson (S)
  5. WR Steve Smith (s?)
  6. WR Eric Moulds (s?)
  7. TE Boo Williams (S)
  8. D/ST Jaguars (S)
  9. K Josh Brown (S)
  10. QB Joey Harrington
  11. RB LaMont Jordan
  12. WR Ashley Lelie
  13. D/ST Vikings
  14. TE Jed Weaver
    (S) denotes a projected starter.

I’m thrilled with my running backs; Fred Taylor was great value at #23 overall, and LT is a can’t-miss. The only pick I’m unhappy about is Bulger; I was expecting Matt Hasselbeck to fall to me and when he was picked 3 spots before me I panicked. Bulger has the potential to post monster numbers but the Rams’ O-line has a big ? above it.

Eric Moulds was great value in round 6; his numbers last season were pretty bad, but IMHO it was mostly due to a single injury. Even if he doesn’t regain his '02 form I can still count on him for 900 yards and 7 touchdowns.

Steve Smith is a bit of a gamble; he will either post better numbers than last season (he didn’t really come on until about week 8 last year) or fall flat on his face. That’s where Ashley Lelie comes in. Big things were expected of him last year, and he really didn’t deliver. This season, though, he’ll be the #2 guy rather than a nickel reciever, and I figure either he or Smith will have a huge year.

I picked Boo Williams on the basis of just six starts last season- but he was amazing. I think he can put up Gonzalez-like (or at least Sharpe-like) numbers in a full season as the Saints’ starter.

Before I ask my question, I’ll plug in my few cents.

wolfman, I don’t like the lack of a solid RB backup. Minor could step into the role, but wow is he untested. I don’t mind Gonzo in the 3rd, especially in a 12 team league. But without a solid RB backup and picking a top TE, you should have waited another round on a QB to get a good 3rd RB (especially with Faulk’s concerns). I don’t like picking defenses so early, and while Miami is ranked high, they’re not 8th round high. Good team, though.

RNATB, very good team. I think your expectations of Lelie are a bit too high, though. Denver is going to be piss-poor this season (yeah!), and Lelie hasn’t looked good. But you really can’t complaint about a Rd. 12 WR. The Jaguars in Rd. 8 is waaaaay too soon. Most rankings I’ve seen have the Vikings several rungs above the Jaguars, and you picked them up in Rd. 13.

My question:

I’m in a keeper league where we keep three, from different positions. This was decided yesterday, screwing everyone who was smart enough to draft strong RBs.

My potential keepers:

Ahman Green*
Travis Henry
Stephen Davis
Koren Robinson*
Jeremy Shockey*
Trent Green
Aaron Brooks
(*planning on keeping)

Everyone else wasn’t worthy. Another team in the league only had Ricky Williams as a good RB, and is now hurting. However, he has Holt and Randy Moss. I’ve offered him Henry or Davis for Holt, but I’m worried that someone in the league who has Jamal Lewis as trade bait will make a better offer. Should I up the deal to Shockey + Henry/Davis for Moss? I hate the idea of keeping a QB, but I’ll do it.