Brain farts in the MMP

Very appropriate because as I was driving to work this morning, I had a brain fart, and I decided I’d share it and start the MMP. But I’ve forgotten what it was.

Happy Moanday!


I have them all the time, it’s annoying but I am learning to live with forgetting what I went into a room for, what I went up or down the stairs for, and generally what I am doing most of the time. To be honest, life’s been so hectic lately, I haven’t even had time to get over here although I do keep thinking that I should, and then the thought goes…

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 40 Amurrkin out and cloudy with a predicted high of 49 and mostly cloudy for the day. My day started out with a clogged terlet so it can only go up from there. I shall spiff da cave today. Rah. I have a small spiral cut ham that I shall rotiss for tonight’s sup along with green beans, mac ‘n cheese and rolls comprisin’ the side matter. The rest of the ham shall get turned into a ham pot pie one night this week, or get chunked up and frozen for later use. I’m all willy-nilly on that decision at this point. Oh, and tonight is Vestry meetin’ over to the church house. ‘Tis approve next year’s budget time so that will be a real joy of a meetin’.

I suffer from continuous brain farts. Then again I have only two functionin’ brain cells so that should come as no big surprise. :smiley:

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day!

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Happy Moonday!

It’s cold outside.
No snow for us though.

We have to get groceries today.
I have to finish deep cleaning since my mother is coming Wednesday.

A mouse ran across my foot this morning and then crashed into my other foot. Everytime I think we are done with the little assholes another one shows up. My son told me he thought I was imaging things until the mouse ran past him.
Where’s the damn cat when you need him?
My son just great stuffed the basement again last week and he filled a nice hole. He said he could look through it to the outside.
I hope the only ones we have were the ones already in the house and no more are coming in.
So I need to get some more mouse traps.
Usually we catch one almost as soon as we set the trap. Canned cheese makes the best bait.

I’ve been having a lot of brain farts lately. I don’t know if it is my age or the stress. Likely both.

I didn’t do any laundry yesterday, so I have one load in the washer, getting ready to put in the second load. My son just put a load in the dryer, so laundry is going to take a while. I can hang my stuff on the drying rack until his are done.

So on with my day.

I suffered a brain fart last night apparently. I forgot to take the biiiiiiiiiiiiig trash can all the way down to the road for pickup today. Here I was sittin’ peacefully enjoyin’ a cup o’ caffeine when all of a sudden I went :eek: and remembered I’d forgotten to do that. 'Tis now rectified so you may all relax safe in the knowledge that the biiiiiiiiiiiiig trash can now is down at the road for pickup.

Too bad the truck was an hour early and was already long past.


I think I’m the only person in existence who has a calendar notification that it is payday. We get paid every other Friday, and sometimes I forget which Friday it is, so my check just stays in the payroll office until I notice that I seem to have noticeably less money in my checking account than I should have.

The ladies in the district office think I must be independently wealthy to forget something like payday. LOL

I set payday reminders - similar deal, every other Friday. Plus my pension being deposited on the last work day of the month. Since most of my financial stuff is now done automatically, I lose track of what comes in and out and when… This would make more sense if I was wealthy.

I dunno, seems the first couple of Mumpers in here commiserating with Mooommm are some of our more elderly (& retired) Mumpers. :eek:
Back into the [del]salt[/del] slave mines. :frowning:

I often leave the house to head for something south of us (some store or whatever) and automatically find myself in the parking lot at work. I would call that a repeating brain fart. 90% of the time these days when I go over the West End Bridge Da Jungle is my destination so its sort of preprogrammed in my brain.

Speaking of which -------- time to make the donuts.

That’s my my one friend in our staffing section calls her job. :smiley:

Don’t worry, you will get there - old and retired.

I don’t know what I’m doing today. I’m still scattered. going from one thing to the next.
One thing on the agenda is to gather up all the cat toys since I have to keep them out of reach of the dog. I was going to keep them in the cat room but the baby gate doesn’t keep the dog out, so I will gather the toys and give them to my mother or my friend for their cats.

I bought a mess of shrimp this week since it was on sale. I hope I can fit it all into the freezer. It’s still expensive compared to pork chops, but while I can eat shrimp several times a week, I can’t say the same for pork chops.

I saw a desk on marketplace that is exactly like the one of have of my grandfather’s. I’d love to have it, but it’s over a half hour away and the last thing I need is more stuff to take care of. I need to avoid marketplace, I love old furniture.

Doubtful. By my calculations, I have to work at least 6 years after I die to pay my bills. :o :dubious:

FCM, saw your pictures of your trip on FB; you got to go throught the Panama Canal!? That’s definitely on my bucket list.

Sari, sorry about the mouse problem; hopefully it’ll get taken care of, either by traps or feline intervention.

spidey, it’s not the slave mines; you’re getting paid! (Of course, if your getting paid what you’re worth, it might be the slave mines…)

Jamine, Mooom, you don’t have direct deposit? That meant I didn’t have to worry about picking anything up.

Swampy, glad the trash will meet it’s appointed rounds.

I vary between brain farts (i.e. get to the kitchen to realize I have no idea why I went there) and “squirrel” (go to kitchen to get a Pepsi, end up doing two other things and not getting Pepsi). Just learned to live with them.

40F this morning, so no snow unlike some of our more northerly MMP’ers. Need to make a sojourn out this morning and make up some soccer teams for the little ones for this weekend.

I wonder if cruise ships will fit through the Panama Canal.

Only the largest can’t fit.

Laundry and mutual brain farts today:

Set the alarm time last night. Forgot to turn it on, though. The Littles missed the bus, but weren’t late for school. So there’s that, I guess…

Sorting out 2-3 loads to be folded. Found a sweater that must be mine, based on size, but I swear I’ve never seen it before. Also found 3 stray socks that I knew must belong to Girl 2.0. Took them to her, and now she’s trying to figure out where the hell they came from… (preparing her for the real challenges of adulthood.)

And the cat is currently stalking the mouse in the kitchen. So I have a UB40 song stuck in my head…

No idea what’s for dinner tonight. I transformed Saturday’s pot roast into a vat of vegetable soup last night, and thought there would be plenty for today. Lily’s critique: “This is better than I expected!” She ate 3 bowls-ful, Michelle and Alana ate 2 each, etc. So there’s enough left for Tony’s and Alana’s lunch today…

(The freezer says tonight will be something with ground beef and/or sausage. I have no idea yet.)

Meanwhile, the biggest kitten has been rechristened. “Dot” turned out to be a boy, and the telltale spot on his nose has disappeared. He likes to stand up on his haunches like a meerkat, though. In keeping with the other boy’s name (“Bot,” since he looks like a Russian blue,) Dot is now Mir Cat.

Ours did, as did Norwegian Sun and another that was waiting to come in the Pacific side. And we were told the toll was around $280K.

**MetalMouse **- You definitely need to go thru (or at least into and out of) the Canal. It’s a very cool experience. And Holland America is apparently the Geezer Cruise Line, if you want a very mellow, relaxing atmosphere. No limbo contests on our ship! :smiley:

And I do have direct deposit, which is why I need a reminder of when the money will show up. I can’t have too much accumulating in checking when it could be in savings earning a whopping .25%!! :smiley:

Lunch break, sans chips. The snack cabinet is empty of chips. Pop Tarts with a sammich just won’t do it. Woe is me…

Afternoon all.

More tiny plant wrangling today. They’ll have to do without me for a few weeks now over the holidays.

I don’t think retirement will really exist by the time I get old, not as an expected thing anyway. There’ll be a team of gubmint necromancers getting the final scraps of work out of us.

Mooom, did they have ‘picking things off the floor and getting back up again’ contests instead of limbo?

Instead of limbo, it was “How many walkers can fit in an elevator” and “Mobility Scooter Jousting”! :smiley: