Breaking News: Mass Shooting at Madden Games Tournament in Jacksonville

CNN is reporting a mass shooting at the Madden video games tournament in Jacksonville, FL. Law enforcement is asking everyone to avoid the area. Details are very sketchy right now. Here’s hoping that the incident is not as serious as the initial report indicates.

It probably is. The video of it on Twitch is pretty messed up, not for what it shows (which is thankfully nothing), but for what it foretells.

If you look carefully at the African-American boy you’ll see a laser sight pass over him. Yeah. Sigh.

Does anyone know if Trueboy was killed? I’m saddened by the thought that this video will always be burned in his family’s memory.

wow this was dumb if the cops don’t get the guy the gamers will ……
Video game people can get seriously violent and this tournament is one of the most holy things in gaming ……

CNN is currently saying that one suspect is dead, and there have been four other fatalities, and 11 injuries.

Per Jax Sheriff: Multiple fatalities, one suspect dead, not yet determined if there was more than one shooter.

The word is that it was a sore loser exacting revenge.

Or someone who didn’t know that gaming if different than real life.

That sounds aboslutely ridiculous. Do you have proof of this?

I saw a video (sorry, can’t locate it again) and yeah, it’s there. I wouldn’t have noticed if Doors hadn’t mentioned it.

When I first heard about it, I thought, “Oh, dear God, no, not another gay bar shooting.” CNN is emphasizing the M in “gaming” now.

I really hate this.

I lived in the Jax area for years and I’ve been to the Landing many times. On Sundays, it was always packed with people. This is horrible!

Monday morning, wake up, make coffee turn on the news, another mass shooting in the US.

Yep, just another ordinary day. :frowning:

How horrible for all concerned. My sympathies.

If he’d stuck with imitating the video game, he’d have been throwing a football. Unfortunately, he decided to imitate real life.

the update is 4 dead now

It’s there. I saw it before they took the video down.

Looks like this site still has the video. In the lower right corner are the players. You can’t see anything, because it’s of the video game, but you can hear the chilling audio of the shooting.

Reports are the shooter killed himself after losing the tournament.

It hasn’t been officially confirmed, but according to this tweet from someone who was sitting next to him, Trueboy (the guy with the laser sight on him) was killed:

Here’s a video from NY Post. It shows Trueboy (I think) in the bottom right corner around 20 secs, then fades and you can hear the gunshots and people yelling.

Goddamn. He was just smiling before the video went off and you can see the laser a bit.

It’s been a bad week for gamers.

Trevor Heitmann a.k.a. “McSkillet" drove a sports car down a freeway the wrong way at 100+mph and crashed. Killed an innocent woman and her child, not just himself.

His name was Eli Clayton and yes, it sounds like he is one of the victims.

Miami Herald article.