Breasts are boring *yawn*

Yeah you heard me right. Breasts are BORING and STUPID.

So there.

I hate walking along the street and seeing hot, manly, construction workers stare at and comment on passing women’s breasts. I mean, just what is it about hanging lumps of fat that turns straight guys on? No, please don’t answer that.

It’s got to be just some sort of social phenomenon. I bet back in the 1800’s nobody cared about breasts.

The only breasts I like are chickens’.

Obviously, it’s time for your annual check-up.

And you are quite incorrect. People in the 1800s may well have been even more infatuated with female decolletage.

Yeah. You’re right. Sexuality has only appeared in the last, say, 150 years…

Sayeth the wise man “Think before ye post”…

Well, if you want to look at it that way, just about every aspect of the human body is weird, stupid, boring, or ridiculous. . . If you’re going to be prissy, don’t be narrow minded.

“Your two breasts are like two fawns, like twin fawns of a gazelle that browse among the lilies.” – Song of Solomon 4:5

The Song of Solomon has been dated at least to the 4th century B.C.E., with parts of it in some form going back as far as the 10th century B.C.E.


Perhaps the OP is still resentful about not being breastfed as a baby?

For that matter what is it about a toned ass? I mean It’s just two lumps of flesh you use to sit on the shitter .Or toned legs, theyr’e used for ambulating a human body BFD!

Good man. Where did you get such a quote, so quickly ?


Quazz, if I remember correctly, you’re gay. Right? That might be a little clue as to why you’re not excited by female breasts.

the OT.
you should try it. Some parts read like an erotic book.

Q: How do you make five pounds of fat attractive?

A: Put a nipple on it.

Boobs and the Bible–they’re what makes America great!

Agreed - but unless you were on I’ve no idea how you put the two together so quickly…

Nice one anyway…

ding ding ding

I think we have a winner!

I was breastfed as a baby and I’ve no particular interest in breasts. I admit they wooble in an interesting fashion, but I’m afraid I fail to see the severe interest.

(Now let’s talk flat chests. Rrrrrr.)


All I can say is boring boring boring yawn stupid dumb boring.


Oh look at me look at my breasts look at my Crest Whitestrips smile aren’t I cute I’m so cute cute cute cute heheh look how I can bounce up and down and spill beer on me aww aren’t I cute hehehehe giggle giggle but don’t look at me because I’m not a slut or simply a sexual object.

A friend of mine last year got into a particularly depressing train of thought while waiting for a bus, and he decided he should come over and share it with me. To this day, I wonder why.

He was sitting there thinking, “Why do people like breasts? I mean, they’re just hanging bags of fat. Like cow udders.” He’s gay, so this wasn’t much of a surprise. But then, he extended this line of thinking to, “And why do people like penises? I mean, it’s just a tube of flesh with some blood vessels. You PEE out of it, for god’s sake. And balls are even worse! And why an ass? I mean, it’s just some icky old SKIN with some muscle all up on it. . . And usually some fat, too. . .”

It came down to this: Why do people like ANYTHING? Why do we even get up in the morning, at that? Why am I reading this message board? It’s just a bunch of pixels, not even pretty-colored pixels. . .

So there’s really no good reason for anything.

Myself, I can’t imagine finding breasts boring. :smiley: Even if I was a professional Breast-Looker-Atter.

Men like breasts because they are three concentric (sp?) circles. A circle within a circle within a circle. Kind of like a bullseye.

That and they are just…well…damn, I don’t even know what I like about breasts. They are just straight up beautiful. And fun to touch and play with. :slight_smile:

For the life of me, I can’t understand why gay men are attracted to the male body. It’s boring. It has no graceful lines, is prone to excessive hair, and is composed of nothing but muscle and gristle. It represents God at his most utilitarian.

What I’d give if Qazzz would just shut the fuck up. You’ve taken mundane to levels that even pointless can’t fathom. Really, you shouldn’t think you have to share anymore. You’re gay, so you’re not interested in breasts. Big Fuckin’ Deal. What’s the point of this thread? With your latest post you’re guilty of stereotyping women, again. You seem to have some serious issues with women. Are you trying to antagonize someone? Rant if you have something to rant about otherwise shut your pie hole you annoying little immature git.