Brunetter's last desperate ploy to get on the Crush Pages

Pictures taken before my jazz concert last night …

So Brunetter… how you doin’?
Seriously, if you ever have need of a completely meaningless tawdry sexual incounter, feel free to call me… hehehe

If I was a lesbian, I’d do ya.

You know, the first guy I * ever * had a crush on was named Tristan.

That was about 15 years ago.

sigh Ah, the simpler life… ::snaps back to reality::

Meaningless and tawdry? Sign me up. Just how tawdry can you get exactly?

It’s difficult to really explain the depths of my tawdriness.

Let me draw you a picture… :wink:

Madame, you would be amazed, I assure you… at least, I hope you would.

HAve I mentioned that I’ve caused orgasms to the point of unconsciousness in 2 seperate ladies? :stuck_out_tongue: <-- oddly appropriate, that.

Sue, I am SO adding this to my sig!! Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Crunchy, nice to know I’ve finally got your attention after all these long months of lonely postings … I’ll be waiting for that picture!

Tristan, come sit over here…

:: revelling joyously in all the attention ::

Hell, I am married and I would do you. (As long as my wife can watch she says lovingly).

[sub]God I love my wife…[/sub]

sidling over to sit next to the lovely lady

So… Jazz huh? Wanna make out?

(there, I saved us billions of nano-seconds!):stuck_out_tongue:

If not, care to try some home-brewed cider?

And, if all that fails, care for a back rub?

(one of these has to work!)

Word of advice, Bru; stay away from Froggy. He’s got more on his plate than he can handle already.

And send those pics to the PP immediately. They’ll get you some attention, I’m sure. :slight_smile:

Mmm nummy pics! :slight_smile:

You’re gorgeous, Brunetter. If I was the sort to post to crush threads, I’d have you on my list.

(I guess this is one of those proverbial half-loaves which are better than none. Or something like that.)

Hey, Brunetter, old pal. If I was a lesbian I’d do ya too. Unfortunately, I am not. I’m a male. Guess we’re both out of luck.

Stunningly gorgeous and jaw-dropping, to say the least. When you showed them to me before, I was too taken aback to explain just how beautiful you look.
You were on my crush list. You’re still there, but now you’re also on my lust list. :wink:

Yay! (even if my grammar does suck!)

Gee… I have had a secret crush on Brunetter long before she posted those really HOT pictures…

But if I told anyone, I wouldn’t be a secret crush now would it?

Why do we even need to look at your pictures, Brun? I mean, if every male here does not already have a huge crush on you for your intelligence & wit- he keeps all his brains below his waist. :wink:

[french accent]Le grrrrrrrrr…[/french accent]

That’s french for “ooh la la”.

You are beautiful, Brunetter.

And I bet you WERE smokin’, too!


I notice the old homepage is having problems . . . or is it me?

Having seen better pictures than those, even . . . :le drool: