Burned Limo in D.C. - I gather they don't like Trump?

Actions speak louder than words: The anti Trump protesters burned a stretch limo in Washington D.C. - Also a Wells Fargo, McDonalds, and Starbucks.

I get the impression they don’t care for rich people or big corporations?

But the picture of the burning limo is quite the metaphor for the anti-Trump movement.


Burning Limo


FWIW, I’m about as anti-Trump as possible. And I have nothing against rich people or big corporations.

I can get behind trashing all the Starbucks. :wink:

Let’s see, The protesters don’t like Trump so they throw rocks at the police, break windows, start fires and burn a limo.
That will put Trump in his place.

I was promised that Trump would bring peace to our cities. Guess he failed already :smiley:

D.C a hell-hole of crime and violence!! Sad!

Considering they are one of the most liberal companies on the planet, its seems a little misguided.

And that’s just the politicians!

Unless or until those particular people are interviewed, we really have no idea what their motivations were.

OP: don’t you realize that Washington swamp people travel around in limos? And that there are a zillion Washington swamp people? So it probably Trump supporters who destroyed a swamp people limo.

You surely remember how Trump promised to get rid of the swamp people? So these supporters decided to give him a little help.

Now yer just addin’ suger!

I was only half-listening to the local news last night (my local stations are in DC) but the reporters said the rioters were self-described anarchists. At least I think that’s what I heard.

Regardless - what do people hope to accomplish by burning other people’s stuff? Apart from getting on the evening news…

Starbucks is always a victim because it’s everywhere. You can’t throw a rock in DC without hitting a Starbucks.

Anything along a spectrum of “Sticking it to the Man” to “Getting their message out” to “Showing the weakness of the government and its inability to protect you” to “Intimidating people into acquiescing to their ideals”.


adds name to list

Those rioters were in groups that had anarchy flags and so on. I think it is safe to say that the group were anarchists and general shit-stirrers, same as have taken to the streets in DC during some diplomatic conferences and of course the Seattle WTO riots some time ago.

This is just a guess, but I’d be quite surprised if more than a small percentage of them were from D.C. Those sorts of riots only occur here when large numbers of people are coming in from out of town.

I was wondering if a bunch of them were from the CIA, FBI, NSA, and other intelligence departments which Trump has insulted?

And adding to the march today might be people from the Interior Department, whose Twitter feeds have suddenly been turned off…


Madonna has a potty-mouth! :eek:

Heh. I like it.

Washington Swamp People…I think people on both sides of the isle can get behind that description these days.

Looks like cases of Grey Poupon are more flammable than one would think…