Busted posting at work.

You wont see much of me for a bit…I was ratted out by the fucking cunt who I thought was my friend…

She told my boss that if I wasnt on the internet and personal phone calls so much,I would have completed more of this dumb fucking ‘project’ she asked me to work on. I cant fucking sell it because it fucking SUCKS!!! I hit 173% of quota last month, and I will clear 200% this month, and for next month, which starts monday the 25th, I have already hit 100% of my quota…what a fucking bitch!

Now ti will go one of two ways…they will look at my sales and dismiss the idea that I am a goof off, or they will monitor my usage. If they monitor…the wont catch me surfing/posting from this point forward, however if they go back, I am fucked.

**please dont send me any email at work

This is something they can monitor, and have on other people, quite easily. Some of you have my work address, please keep mailing me, just use the home address on my profile.

I better go make supper for the monkeys…I will try to check back tonight.

Fuck. THIS is what I do to unwind. My job is very stressful, and I dont smoke,and I already chewed my nails off…NOW what am I supposed to do at work to relieve the tedium and stress?


I’m so sorry to hear that kelli. I hope it blows over next month.

I work in a position where I’m not in physical view, but the risk of being monitored is still real. I make all my quotas, and I don’t think I have any enemies at work, but there’s always that chance I’m gonna get busted.

I can’t help it, I’m hooked.

I hope everything turns out OK for you.

And I hope that nark bitch gets fired.

You’ll be missed. Write from home if you can. :frowning:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

You said it, not me.

But if you’re caught doing that at work, they really won’t be happy with you.

Laugh hard; it’s a long way to the bank.

I feel the same about this issue as I do about mandatory attendance in college: If you can make the grade/quota/whatever, then who cares? If one is doing a good job at work, completeing one’s assignments on time etc., one’s boss should not care if one is surfing. Why do they want to know, anyway? So they can give the really good people who finish their work quickly more crap to do? Way to encourage productivity!
Anyway, good luck, Kelli. I hope it all works out.

Don’t get me wrong–I love life. I’m just finding it harder and harder to keep myself amused.

At work, we have some days the system is down. Then we have to do really simple old stuff:read the newspaper. I mean, it is almost inhumane for an employer to deprive you from the world out there for, like, hours at a time.

Actually, as I said before, they block a lot of stuff from us. This site, a lot of shopping. They even block pages I could possibly use for my work because it’s STUPID SOFTWARE that does the blocking.

You know, it’s really not a hard thing to understand that an employer expects you to work when you are on their clock and that they get upset paying wages to an employee for surfing or otherwise goofing off.

I think that most of us here have posted from work, including myself. However, most of my post are sent from home or while on a break at work, it never takes priority over any of my job or home duties, ever. (FYI - Don’t try to second guess where I am when I post by the days and time. I work a compressed work week as well as occasional shift work.)

Someone mentioned that the SDMB is a good stress reliever while on the job. That’s great, believe me, I know the definition of job stress all too well and the need to pull away for a few minutes. If posting is a way to alleviate that stress, then yeah, it is as understandable as taking a stress-walk or laying back and closing your eyes for a few minutes. I don’t think that there are many employers who wouldn’t understand. Because of the high stress level of my job, my supervisor encourages us to take 10 or 15 minutes every few hours to unwind. They allow us to leave the building, walk, read, laugh, (we even have cartwheel contests), and yeah, surf, anything to get our minds back to a functioning level. There is a difference between taking a stress break for a few minutes and continuously goofing off.

In reading the OP, I think the problem involves more than an occasional visit to the SDMB on work hours. It is a problem that at least one co-worker has perceived as effecting work performance and something management feels the need to address. Just looking and the large amounts of posts made by Kel, it certainly looks like a lot of wage hours are being put on her paycheck for playing on the SDMB. So yeah, if I were the employer, I think I would be pissed as well.

If ignorance is bliss, you must be orgasmic.

Oh boy! I’ll take the fence, please! I work at home for myself. So any goofing off I do costs only me. I wouldn’t be out here unless I had the time to spare and I would never let a project of mine get behind. Hell, I’m too anal about my work to ever let it be anything but early.

When I worked as an accountant I would have days where I literally didn’t have time to go to the john. On the days when there wasn’t a damn thing going on I would surf. I hadn’t found the SDMB or I probably would have come in here. I honestly didn’t feel I was taking anything away from my employer as I would work overtime and at home (for free) when closing demanded it. When times were slow I felt okay playing around on line.

Kelli – sounds like you are more than keeping up with work. What ever you do don’t LEAVE!


Kelli, ask yourself this:

How much time do I spend on the Straight Dope Message Board every day at work?

If it’s more than an hour, then that’s probably too much.

I know you might say “But I’ve filled my quota” or whatever, but that will be small satisfaction if you’re fired. If your neighbour was spending more than an hour per day on personal phone calls, believe me, there would be complaints.

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I agree with Diane, et al. Kel needs to do some soul-searching.

I would much prefer my employer to limit the hours of access than block the pages, which just makes people surf more, as they are annoyed.

Kel, if you’re that good at your job and the boss wants to make a stink about surfing on the clock, become his his competitor, and put the fucker out of business.

Nothing beats being your own boss.



I’ll have to side with the opposition on this one…speaking from expiriance(sp?).

I was fired for over-use of the net…didn’t matter that I had re-organized the entire dept. to run smooth…or that the response time for trouble calls was cut to 1/4 of what it was before…or that I ran the network efficiantly and with little if any down time. They looked at the 3 hours a day that my browser was active, and out the door I went…it wasn’t a plesant experiance. I found another job fairly quickly, and still make a good wage. But in the 2 years since I left there, I still don’t make nearly as much per year. I strongly suggest you limit your work-surfing to a minimum…If you have to have some outlet, try not reading every thread, or don’t respond unless you really need to…that will make your browsing take less time.

On a side note, if your boss get’s pissed about the amount of time you spend online. You may be able to get by once with a defense that you just bring your browser up, check for new messages, and then leave it minimized all day. This would explain the amount of time at the site, but you might be able to cinvince them that you weren’t actually surfing the whole time. Good Luck…Kris

“Work is a fine thing if it doesn’t take too much of your spare time.”

Simple question - If you were an employer, would you be willing to pay an employee wages for hours spent on personal time whether it be on personal phone calls, napping at their desk, or surfing the web? He is a “fucker” for expecting bang for his buck?

I sure as hell would have a problem with it. Employers hire people to put it a full day of work. If your quota (or whatever) exceeds what is expected, then why cut your own throat by screwing your good work reputation by wasting company hours on personal time?

It’s called the REAL WORLD and those who don’t understand it are usually standing in the unemployment line.

If ignorance is bliss, you must be orgasmic.

One more thought -

If the job is so stressful that more than 1/2 to 1 hour (1 hour is pushing it)excluding lunch, is needed to relieve stress, then it is time to look for another job.

If ignorance is bliss, you must be orgasmic.

BTW this thread is touching an area that is really getting attention by large companies.
Look for the name Telemate.Net Software to be the big player here. This company plumbs the network and churns out reports identifying and ranking the heaviest individual Internet users. It details the top sites visited across the whole company and particular departments (like sales or accounting).
It also reports Web site visits by individual employees and ranks them by roughly two dozen categories, including some that you probably wouldn’t be happy about.
To quote Douglas Dahlberg of Wolverton & Associates in Norcross, Ga.,
“I can see every little Web page you read.”
–Source: Wall Street JournelOct. 21,99


NOW what am I supposed to do at work to relieve the tedium and stress?

You said it, not me.

But if you’re caught doing that at work, they really won’t be happy with you.*

Or they could be very happy with you.

Anyway… kells, do what’s right. You what that is.

I, like you, at times am a prodigeous poster. The difference in my case is I work, eat, sleep, play, and relax within the same 1,092’x420’x17-story floating building. I can always “make” time for myself.

Besides, if they don’t like it, I tell 'em to go swab a deck.

hey chief… a little off topic here but which ship are you on?

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But Diane, she said she gets all of her work done and then some. If Kel can be on the clock for 8 hours, screw around on the SDMB for 3 of them, take an hour for lunch, and give the boss 16 hours of production in the remaining 4 hours, I say she’s the one getting screwed and might do better, at least financially, putting the boss out of business.

As for your experience, it’s your old employer’s loss and your gain, and I bet they wished they could have you back there right about now. Sounds to me like your old boss wasn’t looking at the big picture.

I’ve got a couple of janitorial types working for me. I pay them for 8 hours. They’re usually (but not always) done in 5 or 6 hours. As long as the work is done to my satisfaction, they go home. I get my monies worth, and they’re happy. Win/win.


Maybe they could rename this place “Help with proper Grammar, Spelling and Other Musts of the Professional World” and then the spies would be thrown off track when they check up on you. They would just think you do alot of research to get your work done right. Ok…Ok… give me a break, I am Blonde!

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I have a question: If you do your work twice as fast as the average person, should you be paid the same? The answer is yes. I consider the extra time I have at work a reward for my efficiency and mine to do with as I please. All of my customers are very satisfied and the only people whom seem bitter about it are my jealous coworkers. I have a feeling that the people who posted about “surfing on the bosses time” are social loafers or maybe they are the type who take all day to do something someone else could do in half the time.

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