Can a particularly large fart give you whiplash?

Don’t look at me funny. I’m hurting over here. I think a fart just injured me.

It started off innocent enough. I was just doing the poo thing and was kinda in a daze not paying much attention to what was going on and apparently there was a big gas pocket on it’s way out and I was thinking about the mortgage or the Panda Cam or something and all of a sudden “Ka-blam!” It was the kind that doesn’t stutter but is just more of a single tremendous boom. It was so freaking loud it just startled me back to consciousness and rocked me violently forward and then back again, ironically much like when you’re rear ended, and I think it did something to my back. It hurts all the way up my right side now and it would appear the fart pulled a muscle or something.

When I came out there were four people standing outside the door, two women and two men. The women looked scared. I’m not sure what they expected to come walking out but they actually looked a little surprised that it was just some normal guy instead of a big angry butt. They continued to talk to each other but only in whispers. The two men looked more… ummm… reverant. I think if they had said anything it would have been more along the lines of “Dude!”

Also now there’s this loud ringing in my ear, kind of a high pitched “weeeeeeeeeeeee”. I think the fart gave me whiplash and tinnitus at the same time.

I’m not quite sure how I’m going to explain this to my wife. I wish I could think of some other traumatic event that could be responsible for my pulled back, sore neck and the loud ringing in my ear. It’s almost like I’ve been in some wierd kind of combat. Has anyone else ever needed a Vioxx after farting?

Ah, lieu. Welcome back.

Ewww. Did it splash water up? I hate that.

How do you fart, that it would injure your neck?

If you did this at work you might think of filing a workers comp claim. You might have to take a lengthy time of work off to recover.

Injury at work? $$Ching Ching$$ (and I’m not talking about a Chinese rapper)

Awww Isabelle? Now it looks like I was copying you.

Aw, lieu, I hope you feel better.

When my husband starts to give me his latest restroom report, I always stop him and ask him if he really thinks I want to hear this. I don’t have that luxury with your posts. Much to my chagrin, I’m inexplicably drawn to them even though I just know they’re going to be, er, shitty.

I think your reaction to the fart may have pulled the muscle, rather than the fart itself. Probably the witnesses might develop sore necks from their own reactions. (The poor souls.)

But maybe there was some sort of hydrostatic shock echoing around inside your body for a while and beating up your organs.

I feel bad for you having to leave the bathroom in full view of the witnesses. I feel bad for them witnessing it. But I feel most bad for the poor toilet who’s gonna see you coming at it again some time…

This calls for a head and neck restraint system akin to those mandated by NASCAR.

I think OSHA needs to get involved.

sounds like it’s time to call out the SD Investigative Team. next assignment: what measurement terms to assign to Farts of High Velocity (FOHV)?

seriously, unless you were in a freefall, no/low gravity-type situation, i’m having a hard time conceptualizing how the force of a fart could be the actual cause of physical injury. i mean, if you’re floating in space, i could see how letting a big one rip might propell you off the commode, possibly with bruising impact into a stationary fixture like a bulkhead. but muscle pulls?

more likely is the case for internal/external tissue being somewhat stretched beyond normal tolerances due to the excessive gas volume. the abrupt release of pressure on the over-extended tissues might cause a painful sensation, until they gradually ease back to their normal dimensions.

dear Og, sometimes i really DO sound like an engineer! i’m not, i swear.

Well, this twern’t no downstream fart.

lieu, I’m going to call you “Moses” from now on.

And you didn’t even need a staff!

I like the way Isabelle thinks. That’s all I’m sayin’.

About as close to whiplash as I’d say I’ve gotten was when I’ve surprised myself by the sound I make. I don’t necessarily turn around like a dog to look at my ass, but I sometimes wonder how the hell sounds like that came come out of me.

I’d be more worried about ailments that result from a sudden change in pressure. I mean, all that force inside your body (internal pressure) suddenly filled the room (external pressure). Unless the bathroom door had one of those vents in it, you may have run a serious risk to yourself. Or your watch.

Oh lieu, (wipes tears from her face), I always look forward to your threads with a kind of sick fascination. Good God, you crack me up.

Mr. Taters had a similar experience. We were going take a scenic train ride and everyone felt it would be a good idea to use the restroom before the ride. Mr. Taters stood in line and finally got into one of the two toilet rooms. He’s standing there, er, taking a whizz, when all of a sudden…a loud BRRRRAAAAAAAAAP emits from his hind quarters. It went mighty quiet outside of the toilet room. Mr. Taters leaves the toilet room and must walk past a very long line of folks. The women were staring at him and whispering, and as you experienced, most of the guys were looking at him with a sort of reverence.

I would have been extremely embarrassed, but farting is an art and a past time for Mr. Taters. :o :slight_smile:

Never been injured by a fart, but sometimes when I sneeze, I get a temporary burning pain that runs along the nerves in both of my upper arms. Maybe your fart triggered a similar physiological response.

Um, was the toilet damaged? Any cracks that could get bigger and break the next time there’s a seismic event?

Apparently so lieu. What I want to know is “does a whiplash make you fart?”