can someone send me hugs?

So the guy I have been engaged to, has, in the most classy way, been sending girls videos of him w**king off. I’ve left him, and we are over, but I’d love some people telling me they know what I’m going through.
I haven’t contributed much to the board, but I’ve been here a while, and I’ve noticed that you dopers stick together, and send hugs when needed. I’m relieved we are over, (this has been going on a while, but I’ve never had the proof). Suffice to say, I now have the proof on my mobile phone. It was lovely viewing!!!
I feel so utterly betrayed.
I’d much appreciate some advice from you so wise dopers, on how to deal with a not quite broken heart (he’s not going to get that from me! he for sure ain’t worth it!!!), and would just like to know someone out there is thinking of me.
I hope you are all well.

Mars xxxx

I can’t imagine what you’re going thru, but it sounds like you’re well rid of him. So go ahead and wallow a while in virtual hugs, take as long as you need to get it all out of your system, then get on with things, relieved that you found out in time. Accept my hugs and a platter of virtual chocolates. Or ice cream. Or whatever comfort food you prefer.

{{{mhairi2222}}} You have my deepest sympathy. Just be glad you found out now, rather than two kids from now.

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I’m so glad you found out now. I know it hurts, and it will for a while, but revel in the knowledge that you are so much better off without him.

Chocolate ice cream coming your way (virtual of course).

I hope you kept the ring!

Feel free to have a lot of hugs from me. (((((mhairi2222))))).

I can’t say I know what you are going through, but you are definitely better off without him.

What they said. That sounds awful. Hugs.

Oh, and for distraction, stop by the MMP. We’re having a party. I’m sure we can celebrate your new-found single-ness, if you like.



Ya poor thing, hope you stapled his 'nads to a dartboard.

[cupid] My brother lives down in Dundee, tall, smart, funny. He’s single and as far as I know he’s not a cyber-wanker [/cupid]

Oh yes. Good to know that before your relationship got more entangled and complicated. I know, it’s cold comfort, but you’ll feel better about it with time.

Nearly forgot - {{hugs}}

wow! so many hugs in such a short time!!!
Thanks guys!! it really means a lot!

**Hockey Monkey ** yeah, i kept the ring! going to get an evaluation on it in a local nice jewellers and see what I can get from it. Might pay for my driving lessons and driving test.

Again, thank you for my lovely hugs. I need to go to bed soon. I have a conference tomorrow with work (it;s 00.51 here just now), but I will check the thread with hope?

I hope you guys are having a good night! xxxx

Hug. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Consider yourself hugged.

An Gadaí ** you made me LOL! I don’t think I really need another cyber wan*er, but if you like I’ll put him in touch with my ex. they’d probably get on!!! Ct!!
I didn’t nail his nads to a board, but I am going to make sure all our mutual friends know what happened!! I think that will do nicely!!
Am i being horrible?? I don’t think so? He flew me to New York to propose on my birthday, and was lying to me then!! His MUM told me I could do better, and she dotes on him! I figure something like this has happened before with his last fiancee. His Ma’ doesnt seem to have much nice to say about him in the relationship sense.
I know I am better knowing now, and I am SOOOOOO greatful for that, I have lots of people that care about me. I’m just so sad about the life that we have lost. I can’t believe how much I hate him.

Thanks again for the hugs!!!

That’s horrible! It really is better for you to find out now than after you married him, but it’s still horrible


Big hug.

(Watch out, VunderBob tends to grab butts when he hugs. He’s kind of the class perv)

And geez, you are well rid of that guy, it hurts now, but you can’t let it hurt you forever.

An Gadaí i just re read your message!! Your brother is NOT a cyber wan*er!! I get that now! so sorry! Well, if he likes tattoos and a girl that likes a good night out then…

sorry for the misunderstanding!

xxxx mars xxx

hahaha you gave me a good lol there too. :slight_smile:

No, she should upload the video to Youtube and send a link to his mom.

I second this idea, only I would include a link to his boss, everyone with whom he works, his da’, any other familyu members whose email address she may have and uhm, oh, I donno, the local police department?

I don’t give hugs often, but cyber hugs? Sure, consider yourself cyberhugged.

You know, not to excuse this guy’s behaviour, but some guys just don’t get it. I have a very good friend who just got married, and while I know what he is like and feel sorry for his wife when she finds out (and she will) that he does this kind of thing, well…it’s not my place to tell her. He is my friend, she is just some random chick that talked him into a wedding.

In his defense, he is just one of those hypersexual people. I don’t know that he would ever actually physically cheat on his wife, but cyber? Yeh, I know he has, it’s just one of those things.

Better you found out now than later, good riddance to bad rubbish. By the by, Miss Manners says tat ring is yours by rights, so don’t think twice about it. Learn a lesson here – if Mom doesn’t have a good word for her own son, run like the wind. Trust me here, K? K!


What a horrible thing to find out! Hope the ring is worth enough to pay for your driving lessons and such!

Stop by the MMP and have a margarita or three. And squee at the kitty pics.

Geez, girl, good riddance to that poor excuse for a man!

((((((mHairi2222)))))) I don’t do this often but you sound like you need it pretty badly. I’ve needed hugs pretty badly before, too.