Can women, uh, feel the, uh, squirt?

…of ejaculation during condomless sex with a man?

(I can’t believe I just asked that… :eek:

Sunspace, how is a woman supposed to feel it if you are having condomless sex with another man?

It will depend on the woman. Like me, most women have little feeling beyond the first couple of inches beyond the entrance to the vaginal canal. But one time during doggy style sex I felt the spurt, possibly because the penetration was fairly shallow at the time. It was really cool, though!

runs away blushing now

I feel it. The cervix can be sensitive enough to feel it, thought the walls may not be. It also depends on the pressure of the squirt which is affected by the width of the urethral opening.

My GF claims she can feel it. She says it feel really good, but it’s only if I’m putting pressure on the very back wall… I guess that would be the cervix. It worries me though, because she likes me to push with so much pressure that I’m sore later on.

I have been told yes. SOMETIMES. It depends upon the intensity of the ejaculation, the level of penetration at the time of ejaculation, and temperature differential.

For instance, if you don’t remove the nickel-plated cock ring fast enough, you might dribble instead of spurt.

Food for thought. (gag)

That pretty much sums it up. Yes, women can feel it, depending on certain factors. And it is very pleasurable, at least for me.

The month before our marriage, my wife and I decided to abstain totally until we were married. (We had to wait 1 more day, because our reception dinner party lasted until 12:30 at night.)

We finally consummated on the second night after we had a romantic dinner at a bed & breakfast in Vermont. Except for having to think about football to keep from going off half-cocked (pun intended), it was a beautiful experience. When I climaxed, it felt like I had abstained for a decade, not just a month. And looking at my wife, she felt the same. After we had regained our composure, she commented on how it felt. “Like a river,” she said.

You think a month was bad. My wife and I got married last month. We have been dating for 5 years previous. We abstained 4 MONTHS until our wedding night. I can’t believe I agreed to that. Oh well, that time is done :wink:

Back on the subject, I asked my wife that very question before and she said no.

Most women I’ve been with have told me they can feel it. Some have even told me they can feel the bulge passing down the urethra on its way out. They could be lying or imagining it, I suppose, but I don’t see why they would.

That they can feel it is why it’s hard to fake orgasm, even when you’re wearing a rubber.

(Yes, men sometimes fake it.)

Huh? How? And most importantly, WHY, dammit?

And how? I can imagine a person turning one off sufficiently so as to prevent climax. Or possibly sexual disfunction?
Doesn’t seem that hard to believe.

There was a film about some guys who came back from Desert Storm & when they came their wives could feel it burning. yuck

Sometimes, with lots and lots of practice and not a little bit of fortification, a condition known to some as “whiskey dick” can occur. While it is often welcomed, sometimes the condition can last beyond the physical endurance of the participants. That’s when a good fake comes in handy.

Incidentally, Playboy once reported on a neat little trick that guys can practice. By repeatedly flexing and holding, the muscles used in ejaculation can be strengthened to the point where the moment of shangri-la is very noticable–both the reflex and the, um, squirt.

Note of caution: it can also make quite a mess if not delivered to the proper target.

heck, i can even feel it through a rubber usually.

Sometimes if we’re having another go too soon after the last time, or if we’re really tired or been drinking or for some other reason it’s clear that it’s not going to happen, we may fake it.

Why? As was already said, for the same reason women do. But again, as per this thread, it’s usually only possible for us if we’re wearing a condom.

I’ve never felt it. I’ve told guys they could easily fake it with me and I’d never know.

What the heck does it feel like? How the heck can you tell? There’s usually been so much other stuff going on in there (as 'twere) that I don’t know how a “spurt, squirt” would even register.

An even worse condition is “Brewer’s Droop.”

Not only can they feel it, but also they can see it flying at their face prior to impact. Or did you mean when you spurt in the vagina?

Let’s handy keep handy’s sex life out of this.