Can you name all 50 U.S. states in ten minutes or less?

I thought this quiz would be a piece of cake. It was easy going at first, and some are pretty obvious. But as I filled more of the map in, I admit I started to blank out. I suppose if it had been an unlimited time quiz, I would have eventually gotten all of them, but in ten minutes I got 46 out of 50. For the last minute, I was racking my brain and not coming up with answers.

The states I missed were…

Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin and New Hampshire.

How many can you come up with? Be honest!

I can say all 50 states in 2 seconds.


“All 50 states.” :slight_smile:

Got them all in 4 minutes (I just went alphabetical then filled in the ones I forgot). I would have been much much faster if I were better at a)typing b)spelling.

Hah, Sporcle. The 50 states thing is kid stuff. For a real challenge, try the one naming all the world capitals in 20 minutes, (I think it’s 20 minutes.)

Remember, Burkina Faso is Ouagadougou.

I’ve done enough state-related quizzes that I got them all with 5 minutes and 23 minutes to spare. I start with my own state and generally work my way across borders and then add the non-continental states.

Got stuck on Utah, or it would have been quicker. Fun quiz. Thanks for sharing.

All 50 in 1 minute 27 seconds.

3 minutes 32 seconds. Not bad for a Brit.

I saw that one coming. :smack:

“Time Remaining” for me: 06:53, meaning I did all 50 in 3 minutes and 7 seconds, held back only by my poor typing skills.

3 minutes and 10 seconds!

You’re lucky. Louis DePalma (Taxi) didn’t.

You must be a more confident typer. I got it in 3:32. Seeing as even a single typo means none of the rest of the states you type will count, I can’t type at full speed. Especially with words I don’t normally type, I usually make one or two mistakes with every paragraph.

all 50 in 1 minute 44 seconds.

I had to learn the Nifty Fifty song when I was in elementary school for a class performance. Strangely, I’ve never forgotten the song and can say them all in about 30 seconds (in the same tune too!). Typing takes a little longer. Unfortunately, that’s my only super power.

You and me both. Comes in handy when I need to alphabetize a list of the states (I’m a freelance copyeditor).

All 50 in about 2.5 minutes. I noticed the map after… :smack:

All 50 in 2:45.

I can sing all of them and their state capitals too! (thanks Wakko!)

Well, I’m taller than he is.

Don’t forget the other 7.

Wakko can do it in 2 minutes, 4 seconds; capitols, singing, no less.

Got 'em in 2:37. The last one I typed took me a few seconds to think of. New Jersey.