Can You Out-Blasé Me?

I was walking through Grand Central on my lunch hour, and passed by a huge, ornate box with glass panels and a big sign above it, reading, “The Arc of the Covenant.” I didn’t even break stride to glance at it as I passed; I thought, “feh, I’m on my lunch hour.”

A block or so later, I realized I may just well be The Most Blasé Person on Earth: I wouldn’t cross the street to see The Arc of the Covenant! I’d be a terrible Action Heroine:

President: Indiana Eve, we’re sending you on a secret mission to recover The Arc of the Covenant and save the world!

Eve: Feh, I’m having my nails done that day.

No-one can out-blasé you. That’s your charm. :wink:

It’s true. You are to blase´ what Babe Ruth was to baseball.

Yeah, I could…but I don’t feel like it today.

A few days back, some knights came along looking for the Holy Grail.

My answer?
“I’ve already got one.”
They, of course, wanted to see it.

To which I replied, “No.”

What can I say? It was warm and I didn’t want to get up.

I’m deep just like a chasm
I’ve no enthusiasm
I’m tired and uninspired.
I’m blasé.

My day is one of leisure
In which I search for pleasure.
I’m bored when I’m adored.
I’m blasé . . .

Yes, she’s the Blasé Pascal of our little message board.

A few months ago there was a shooting on the street corner near my apt.

I glanced out my curtains, shrugged my shoulders and went back to watching Elf. (which was rather good)
And I didnt’ even post about the shooting or my suprise enjoyment of Elf on the board. (tll now)

“Ark of the Covenant? I’ll just wait for the book to come out.”

Well, she did say that it was

Maybe referring to the story arc?

I was going to just not respond to the thread, but I was afraid you wouldn’t get the joke.

I can just HEAR Madeline Kahn doing Marlene Dietrich while reciting this.

During the 1996 presidential campaign, Bob Dole visited the great big airplane manufacturing plant where I worked at the time. While everyone quit working to go listen to him give a speech, I found a newspaper and went to the restroom instead. When I finished everyone was still gone so I went to lunch early.