Cannot play videos after Firefox upgrade

I accepted a Firefox upgrade to version 7.0.1 a week or two ago and, since then, have been unable to link to you-tube and such videos. Has doper had this problem and resolved it? Firefox help does not seem to know about this problem. Using Win-7.

As the setup proceeds they tell you which add-ons won’t be working. I was surprised by 7.0 not handling the videos too. I like to keep up with the latest Firefox and figure there will always be aps that work. Anyway, my second computer had the “download helper” app that still works fine so try that.

I’m running Firefox 7.0.1 and can play YouTube videos with no problems. The same problem was reported here. Is that of any help?

Ii have had no problems with videos since the upgrade to FF7. Presumably what you need to do, however, is to reinstall Flash.

Yes, I eventually discovered that. Thanks, Mozilla, for warning me.

It’s not Mozilla’s fault. It is not their responsibility to deal with Flash installation problems. It’s a problem with Adobe’s installer.

The only thing that might be a Firefox problem is if it didn’t offer to install Flash for you when it wasn’t working. (note that not actually being able to fix the installation is not Mozilla’s fault, either.)