Can't log in to Netscape no matter how many times I try

For that matter, I keep getting the same message when I try to access the SDMB . . . for example when I tried to post this thread just now (and I know better than to post the same thing twice!), but if I keep trying enough, I can eventually get through to the SDMB. Netscape’s Site Central remains impervious. Oddly, while I cannot get through to the SDMB most of the time at work (given the server issue at the Straight Dope, or whatever), I can access the Netscape site with only a few tries. At home, it doesn’t go through at all.

Well, I was wrong about that first post in the thread, wasn’t I? I forbore to repost it the first time I got the error message because I didn’t want it doubled. So this thread starts with the second post which I typed after getting an error for the first.

Let me try to reconstruct what was supposed to be the first post in the thread:

Since yesterday, I have been trying to log into Netscape’s Site Central. About 100 times in a row with no success. I keep getting the error message “The document contained no data.” (With IE 5.0, the corresponding message is “The page cannot be displayed.” I’ve been trying there too.)

At work I can log in to the Netscape site, but here at home, it’s impossible. I’m running Win98, 192mb RAM, 56K modem, Netscape 4.7. What is the barrier to getting through? Is there a way to overcome it?

I ran into a similar problem with trying to access the IMDB. I tried deleting cookies and clearing out my cache and/or Temporary Files (depends upon your browser).

Nothing seemed to work, but eventually it worked again. Time heals many wounds.