can't save game in vice city

i have the right memory card
i didn’t use any cheat codes
i wasn’t on any mission
so why won’t it let me save my game

is the card full? Vice City creates a huge save file.

no its a brand new memory card

Do you get an error message on the save attempt?

save file 1not present
save file2 not present
save file 3 not present
save file 4not present
save file 5not present
save file 6not present
save file 7not present
save file 8 not present

Are you trying to save it at the Ocean View hotel or whatever it’s called? The only way I can save on Vice City is when I go to the safehouses like the Ocean View and go the glowing pink cassette. That’s the only tip I can think of. Good luck Dave.

yeah, did you format the card first? Cause there is like a memory card checker. Don’t put a game in & on the screen you should see a browser & then a memory card screen, check that. If you need to, reading the manual is always excellent.

Heh. You need to use the d-pad to select one of those save files. “not present” just means there is no Vice City game currently saved there.