Captain Ron, and Other Movies That Annoy You Because You Like Them

I recently watched the movie “Captain Ron” again. I’ve watched it several times. I like it. But … I know it’s a soulless piece of plastic extruded by Disney for the sole purpose of extracting bucks from an older middle class audience seeking a very safe, wholesome family adventure.

And I’m deeply conscious of what an obvious piece of schlock it is even as I enjoy it. For one thing, it stars Martin Short in maximum “Love Me!” mode as the hapless father figure. (I find the desperate need for approval he projects kind of sickening). For another it’s got Mary Kay Place doing a full Yuppie Mommie. And two adorable kids who would be adorable if they knew how to act.

I really can’t blame Short, Place or the child actors for the film, the roles are scored in such a way that most actors could probably perform them in their sleep. And Russell delivers a much better performance than the movie calls for in the title role of the reprobate sea captain that mildly annoys the middle-class family.

I like the movie, I think … I don’t really KNOW why I like this piece of trash … because it visually delivers on the promise of an island getaway escape movie: lots of scenic island imagery and beautiful ocean vistas. The wholesome family adventure is just a tissue-thin excuse to get from one scenic location to the next.

It’s kind of like porn in that respect, I guess. Just enough plot to get to the boom chicka wow wow.

But still, every time I watch it, I wind up annoyed that I liked it. At least porn has a specific, definable reason why you like it.

The guerillas (sp?) part makes the whole movie for me.

Captain Ron is an interesting clash of rules, to me. One of my rules is that ANY movie with Martin Short will suck. But another rule is that ANY movie with Kurt Russell will be awesome. So, there’s a problem right there!

I like a lot of schlock movies, Torque, Starship Troopers, Biker Boyz… and I don’t mind (and am not apologetic about it). It’s escapist and entertaining, that’s good enough for me.

Hell, several centuries ago our ancestors only had songs, stories, and carvings for fun; now we have amazing stuff at our fingertips.

Maybe you like it because its a nearly perfect version of what it is intended to be. You aren’t too excited about WHAT it is intended to be, but the fact is is so well done has you grudinly liking it anyway on some deeper level.

I like *Captain Ron *(mainly for the boat) and also *Captain Jack *(starring the late, great Bob Hoskins).

Aliens: Resurrection - There’s so very much wrong with it but I love it. The cast is phenomenal!

If they hadn’t shoved it into the Aliens universe I don’t think it would get so much hate. I think the same thing about I, Robot.

Captain Ron was ok for it was. I didn’t expect more. It’s a family movie with a couple of good gags. I think the old horror and monster movies do this kind of thing for me. They range from mediocre to awful, but I still enjoy them.

As the joint owner of a sailboat and a sailing charter business, I LOVE Captain Ron, if only for the docking scenes.

Any sufficiently bone-headed fuckup on our boat is heralded by cries of “Captain Ron! Go Captain Ron!”

I can’t stand Adam Sandler!! but I always have to tune in for “Billy Madison.” Bridgette Wilson is adorable.

“Happy Gilmore,” too. Go, Bob Barker!

I can’t either!! But he’s not in Captain Ron. :confused:

He was citing “Billy Madison” as another movie he likes but is annoyed to like, because Adam Sandler.

You really need to watch Last Action Hero. Trust me, I’m from the government.


The OP asked about ‘other movies that annoy you because you like them’.

Captain Ron may be a by-the-numbers Disney family movie, but it works, somehow, and if I recall correctly, you get some surprisingly nippular action from Mary Kay Place. So it’s got that going for it, which is nice.

I’m gonna nominate Legally Blonde.

God forgive me, but Bio-Dome cracks me the hell up every time I see it. I think it must be some kind of “so stupid that it’s actually funny” thing. Either that, or it’s because it came out while I was in college and reminds me of a few boneheads I knew.

I’m not a fan of Pauly Shore or Stephen Baldwin otherwise, but they work together in that movie.

I think once I saw “Adam Sandler” I quit paying attention to the punctuation and true meaning of Burpo’s sentence. I was wrong and I’m sorry. Maybe I need more coffee. :smiley:

Short can’t ruin every movie he’s in. Watch Joe Dante’s Innerspace to see the very rare exception. But yeah, he’s usually slightly less funny than cancer.

Down Periscope, never been a fan of frat boy humor but for some reason, this one cracks me up.

Fast and Furious series. I’m not a gear head. Not really a fan of the “Hip-Hop-bling-bling” lifestyle, but I still watch these movies. My only saving grace is that I at least wait for them to come out on Amazon or Netflix.

Me too! It even manages to make me laugh at two things I never find funny: fart jokes, and Rob Schneider. The latter is because he’s *supposed *to be playing a loathsome buffoon, which means that for once he’s playing to his strengths, and the former because the whole scene is so completely over the top.

I enjoyed Down Periscope when I first saw it. Lots of mediocrity but it had some laughs, and a star-studded cast. However, I have tried to watch it again, and knowing what happens takes a lot of the shine off of it for me.