Carnivale 10/5/03 SPOILERS

Well, Canivale has got me for another week. Enough happened this week that I’m willing to stick around for the next ep. Still on a week-to-week basis for me, although eventually I will probably get to the point of “there are only x more eps left, might as well watch them.” But then will be the inevitable cliffhanger…

Good plot advancement with Lodz seeking to become mentor to Ben, and with Jonesy going into management’s trailer and finding it empty. Of course that took up about four minutes of airtime and the rest was atmosphere as usual, but the pacing seemed better this episode.

Did I hear right, that when Sophie identified herself to her boy toy cafe guy she claimed to be Jonesy’s widow? Or at least gave her husband’s name as the same as Jonesy’s? Cafe boy said something about how her “deceased” husband was a baseball player and messed up his leg. That jibes with the backstory for Jonesy’s character on the HBO website but who knows if that’s telling the truth? She also said he killed himself after his career ended. I’m really hoping that’s not foreshadowing some sort of “we’re all dead” thing. This isn’t Carnivale of Souls, after all. Either way, kind of icky for her to be using that story…

Oh, I guess we had the plot advancement too of Brother Justin getting his hand smacked by the board and the mission burning. I was liking the speech about the textile workers and the coal miners up until it went off the rails into that bit about drowning non-believers under a millstone. Then I loved it. I’m a sucker for a psychotic break, as long as it’s not every week.

One wonders why management, if indeed there is a management and management isn’t some fever dream or hallucination or scam of Samson’s, wanted them to set up in the middle of a dust storm. Solely for Lodz to perhaps set a hook into Hawkins? To get Samson laid? To get Sophie laid? Hmm…

I wish Amy Madigan had more to do. I’m hoping she’ll become more of a featured player as the series progresses. I’ve been a fan of hers ever since Streets of Fire.

Next week: Babylon?

I heart this show. I am set to become a fevered fan, complete with fanfic. It won’t take much to push me over into random fandom, but since I’ve only been watching for three days now, I’m going to hold off on that a bit.

I’m still drawn to it as a way to kill an hour on Sunday nights. I’m still watching the reruns of The Sopranos so it doesn’t take much effort to leave things where they are for Carnivale to do whatever it plans. That same attitude goes away when K Street comes on. I’m not interested in it.

As for plot development, I continue to get more confused as things are revealed. I can only hope that all the suspense doesn’t go up in smoke the way Twin Peaks did.

I suspect Amy Madigan’s character will wind up having some major flaws, as in an incestual relationship with the preacher. But that’s just me, I imagine.

I suspect “Management” will still be a major mystery for at least another episode. They can’t continue to milk that indefinitely and have things work as if there’s some reality involved.

The character that definitely needs some development is the catatonic mother. What was all that goop she was barfing up? Can’t be food can it? If so, how long before that was she fed, and by whom?

And why was Sophie going to all that trouble for that particular guy at the cafe?

I believe it was dust and sand that was kicked up from the storm. It kinda fell into her mouth and cementified.

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Heh…I just loved the look on his sister’s face as his speech progressed. Towards the end of the speech, my girlfriend made the comment (pretending to be the voice of the precher’s sister) “Bro, you are REALLY beginning to creep me out!” I just busted out laughing at that.

I’m hooked - I too am wondering how the “management” situation will be played out over the next few episodes.

Maybe there was some supernatural drive to conceive a baby with him. Perhaps she’ll squeeze out some prophesy-fulfilling child.

I’m pretty sure she’ll end up pregnant; why else would they show her having sex with him?

The previews for next week do show Sofie asking some of the dancing girls how you know if you’re pregnant.

Otto, I think you did hear right regarding Sofie’s speech to the cafe guy. She said she was Clayton Jones’s widow and named her “brother” as Ben. As of now I don’t think it’s any sort of foreshadowing (and like you, I really hope it’s not), but Sofie’s mother seems to be hip to her daughter’s activities so I’m guessing we’ll hear more about it later.

We also got an answer to why there was an image of burned red legs in that dream sequence.

Yeah about the pregnant part. Previews have her asking how one can tell if one is pregnant. I just wonder what made the cafe guy worth the trouble to hang out in front of the place in that car and to have practiced her lines beforehand. Surely this guy’s backstory will become obvious (?) as time drags on.

I still have this sneaky feeling there’s going to be some massive connection between all these folks. (Not like that’s a huge leap from all the clues we’ve been getting). What if all of it is a dream the catatonic woman is having?

Based on the “dailog” she had with her mother, it sounded to me like picking up a guy in a new town is something Sophie does somewhat regularly. I’m hoping that she had sex with him because she wanted to, with no particular ulterior motive.

On a related question, where was the cafe boy’s butt shot? This is HBO, Home of the Butt Shot, so where was it?

I’m becoming impatient with the series. They need to do some consolidating in the next episode or I’m outa there. Enough with the confusion, already!

As my mother would have said, I am beginning to sound like a broken record, but I am still hanging in there mostly for the art direction.

Every prop in every scene is perfect, the sets are perfect, the costumes are perfect…they really capture the period and the mood.

If this show doesn’t win every art direction and costume design Emmy, there is no justice.

The story, however, does seem to plod along in parts. My guess in that there is maybe 20 minutes of dialog in the 50 minute episodes.

Not that there is anything wrong with that…

why so impatient? If they revealed everything now, there wouldn’t be a series!