Caught Riding Dirty.

Have they ever caught you ‘riding dirty’? If so, under what conditions, and what happened as a result?


What the hell does riding dirty mean?

Perhaps it means falling into the mud, then getting back on your horse without washing the mud off.

Once, many years ago in my reckless youth. I was let off with a warning.

Ridin’ Dirty

And no I have not.
Nor have I ever tried to Ghost Ride the Whip.

For all you old fogeys, a definition.

Also, here is a musical rendition.

Nope. Pretty sure I’ve never ‘ridden dirty’ to begin with. I’m a good boy.

Thought it meant anal sex with the woman on top.

No, I think that’s “Club Hauling”


That’s more like eight. Could you somehow translate the OP into Fogey so we’ll know which one he meant?

The first few should be enough to tell you what it means, since they all say almost the exact same thing.

Ridin’ Dirty: To operate a motor vehicle while in possession of large amounts of narcotics or other drugs and/or illegal firearms.

EDIT: And to actually answer the OP, no I’ve never been caught. :wink:

Oh. Well, I admit nothing. You can’t prove a thing.

I suppose so, if “going about with an unwiped ass” is the exact same thing as “To operate a motor vehicle while in possession of large amounts of narcotics or other drugs and/or illegal firearm” and the exact same thing as “Ridin A Tractor or other sort of farming equipment/ horse & Buggy on a Dirt Road.”

No, but I’ve been caught White & Nerdy a few times.

So answer all three of those potential options, I don’t care. That might even be the point to the OP to see who assumes which particular definition.

Yes - by the Canadian border authorities. Apparently tracer ammo is illegal in Canada (I bought a brick years ago to use as a flare round in case I got lost hunting). Confiscation was the result.

Yes by the MPs. Apparently blowguns are illegal on US military bases. Told me to hide it in my gear and not let it be visible. I owned it for shooting paintballs.

Those are my only two times I was caught.

“Police: Excuse me but you nigga’s wouldn’t happen to be ridin dirty?
Driver: Yeah we ridin dirty
Police: Well…I caught ya”

That’s just good policework.

The US American border guards keep catching me trying to sneak across with illegal fruit. Does that count?

Oooh, yeah, I was once caught on the greyhound trying to enter Western Australia with Tasmanian honey.

I’m bad.