CBS's Fall Schedule


Well, the new CBS schedule is here. Sorry “Jericho” fans. I wasn’t big on the show myself, but I know some of you here liked it, so you have my sympathy.

The good news is that “How I Met Your Mother” has been renewed. It looked kinda iffy for a while.

Hmph. I’d hoped they’d move Cold Case back to 8 PM, which works better for me. (I go to bed so friggin’ early any more.)

They didn’t screw with Criminal Minds, so I’m happy.


Oh, sorry. That lineup put me to sleep (probably because I’m bored to tears by police/military procedurals–CBS has over 12 hours dedicated to them!)

Not a single show I watch (except maybe 60M if I’m channel-surfing) and not a single show I’d miss. Now, where was I?


The Class is gone though. Too bad, it showed some promise.

Jimmy Smits! What do they mean by “family ensemble” drama? Something on the order of Brothers and Sisters, maybe? Hmm.

I stopped watching Jericho early on, but I hope for the sake of the fans that all the questions have been answered, or will be, by the final episode.

I abandoned “Jericho” after the episode that ended with the whole town coming out to save the cornfield to the strains of The Wallflowers. That was just too funny for a series about nuclear apocalypse. I held out hope that they might shift the tone from a small town soap opera to a brain-eating, radioactive zombie extravaganza, but it was not to be, I guess.

The Unit returns. :slight_smile:

I don’t see Julia Louis-Dreyfuss’ show listed.

Quick check reveals its been mid-seasoned.

I can’t tell you how relieved I am about “How I met your mother”.

Here I thought I was the only person who liked that show.

No Babylon Fields?!?!?! No more Jericho?!?!?

Well. *%($# you too, CBS.

I enjoyed it too.

Hey, Amazing Race has been mid-seasoned as well! :mad:

When will that show get some respect from the network?

As long as Two and a Half Men returns, all is right with CBS. I only watch that, How I Met Your Mother and Survivor.

Hey! Outta my thread you bum! Go sleep it off in About This Message Board.

I am looking forward to “Viva Laughlin”, but only because we LOVED the British predecessor - “Viva Blackpool”. I just hope they don’t screw it up.

Other than that and Survivor, I don’t think we ever turn on CBS.

I choose to look at this as a good thing: If they take longer to produce the next season, then perhaps they can spend some additional time on (1) better route design, (2) better task development, (3) better casting, (4) better exotic locations, and (5) getting rid of the damn Yield.

I’m torqued about Jericho, though. We actually really like that show in my house. Big disappointment, and I blame the network for putting no new episodes on for like 10 weeks at a time. I hope that Skeet Ulrich and Lennie James end up on new shows soon.

All in all, I find the upfronts very disappointing this year. The TiVo people won’t be happy: I’m going to be cutting my number of Season Passes by about a third, I think.

I just watched the last three episodes of Jericho a couple of days ago. mr.stretch will be disappointed; I’m very much meh.

I see they are keeping NCIS, which mr.stretch has quit watching, but I will watch that and Criminal Minds forever–Mark Harmon and Mandy Patikin, mmmmmm.

Shark is coming back! Woohoo!

I don’t think “The Amazing Race” follows the standard television season. Aren’t there two different races over the course of a year?

Yes, usually designed so that some of each will fall during a sweeps month. Not having TAR start in the fall seems like SOP to me.

I’m pretty ticked about losing Jericho. The middle of the season was kinda flat, but it’s been getting a whole lot better, ever since they moved from “life’s hard, but we have to be nice to everyone” to “crap, all the people who aren’t doing as well as us are trying to take our stuff, we have to shoot them” storylines.

Jericho has actual, vocal fans; can anyone name a single person who watches Shark? And yet, that one got renewed…there is no justice.