Challenge to match poll percentages Part 3: Blind but can communicate to each other.

Rules of the game (and it is just a game, with no enforcement possible, nothing at stake, does not matter, but try to play according to the rules):

  1. Vote without looking at the poll results.

  2. Read posts for guidance first.

  3. After you have voted you can of course look.

  4. You can and I would think should tell others how you have voted and if you so desire you can inform others what the poll currently says. Of course what you post may be outdated by the time the next person reads it. And no one knows (unless they cheat themselves) whether or not you are one of those who intentionally want to make the game fail.

In your comment please make a separate prediction if you think the goal will be hit, if so with how many, and if not hit what you think the final tally will be. Obviously those closest making their predictions early are more impressive than those who are close as the poll nears closing.

This is an open poll.

It will close in only a few days. Basically if it does hit at 20 or possibly 40, it is highly unlikely to hit at a higher number later.

I don’t think this group can do it and think that 5% will again be 7% or greater with the others being pretty close, about 0.5% or a hair more off each.

But we’ll see.

I have voted for 50%.

I chose the third option.

I voted 5%.

I could have sworn I clicked open poll but it did not go through as such. Mod, can that be changed? Otherwise, ah well.

I’m going to vote 20%

Voted 50%

Current results:

50% - 5 - 50%
20% - 1 - 10%
15% - 2 - 20%
10% - 1 - 10%
5% - 1 - 10%

In 15 minutes, I’m going to vote for 20%.

I am the 20%! :smiley:

With fourteen voters, we’re in need of a ten percenter, as it’s at 7.14%.

50 – 50%
20 – 21.43%
15 – 14.29%
10 – 7.14%
5 – 7.14%

voted 10 but must have been too late, as now it’s way over… d’oh! :smack:

Based on 15 being the only one under in LawMonkey’s post, I voted 15%. 50 and 20 are low, and 10 is way over now.

ETA: These polls should really go in the Games forum now, I think. I’ll report it and see what the Mods think.

10 is still way over. 50 is way under, could use votes. 20, 15, and 5 are currently dead on.

Screwed it up already. Are you people TRYING to make me look bad?

Still way too many at 10, not enough at 50

Too many at 50 now. 5 only has 1


I voted 20% and hit it dead on. We have too many 10% and 5%. Need more 50%s.

As of right now, the fastest way to making it all square is:

20 more votes for 50% for a total of 30
10 more votes for 20% for a total of 15
6 more votes for 15% for a total of 9
1 more vote for 10% for a total of 6
1 more vote for 5% for a total of 3

Really it’s the 3rd and 5th voter of the 10% that screwed things up.

It might seem counterintuitive to add more to 6 and 3 but as it is right now with the 5 voters of 10, it’s impossible to get 2.5 voters for 5%, so we have to bump up to the next highest LCM. 60 total voters.