Cheesy DopeFest!

Free cheese fondue at The Melting Pot! Monday April 11 through Thursday April 14. Use the web site to find your local restaurant and get the Sekert Reservation Code.

Organize DopeFests here.

MADs – who’s game? Our choices are Dupont Circle, Arlington, Reston, Gaithersburg, and Columbia.

Aw. If it were a weekend, I’d be down, but weekdays are just not on. I’d love to see a MD Dopefest happen, though.

Oh, man! Like HeartOfDorkness, if it was a weekend, I’d be tempted (though it would mean an overnight stay in the DC area; I’m not opposed to that, though). But with mudgirl having school and stuff. . .just not gonna happen. Double bummer because she really wants to go to The Melting Pot sometime!