Chicken Vindaloo for breakfast

I’ve just finished a bowl of chicken vindaloo for breakfast. Sometimes it’s good to be a bachelour.

This is probably the most mundane and pointless thread I have started this month.

mmm hot spicy indian food is the greatest thing there is. Spicy food is NEVER mundane, nor the associated threads :slight_smile:

I still have some tandoori chicken, seekh kabob, garlic naan, and some of that green chutney left. I can’t wait 'til lunch! :slight_smile:

Gotta be healthier than the square of Lindt 85% dark chocolate I scarfed down for brekky today…

Johnny… you are an evil man.

It sounds delicious.

Feynn: Oh, I’ve been called that before! :smiley:

I have some raita, too.

Ah, if only this place had buffets on weekends!

That sounds just about as good as when I eat leftover homemade saag paneer for breakfast.

Mmm! I love saag paneer! But I didn’t get any yesterday. I’d already gotten enough stuff, even counting on the leftovers, and the spinach would have just been too much. That’s why I like buffets. No leftovers, but a little bit of everything.

Hey Ace309, can you share the recipe? Sounds lovely!

I love having weird (unusal) things for brekkie.

Oh… I thought this was going to be a Red Dwarf thread…

Ooooh…Indian food! Yummy!

This is probably why you are a bachelor.


Goes great with a beer milkshake!

…and while we’re on the subject, where the hell’s the Red Dwarf movie we were promised??

Still in production, it seems.

You weren’t hangin’ out on 2nd Avenue by any chance, were you?

I probably don’t make saag paneer right, but it’s really simple.

I just start the spices (I like to do my own mix, but packaged garam masala will do fine) with oil in a skillet, and start up a saute pan next to it. Chop up a medium onion and sweat it with the spices. While that’s sweating, cube and saute the paneer.

Once the onions are translucent, add a package of spinach. Wait for that to wilt a bit, and add two diced tomatoes, the paneer, and a can of chickpeas with the liquid.

Eventually, add a second package of spinach and a second can of chickpeas. Then, y’know, wait till it looks done. :slight_smile:

Saag is, you see, not an exact science. :slight_smile:

My strangest breakfast ever was kimchee (Korean pickled cabbage) and beer last New Year’s Day. Damn, but it was yummy!

JohnnyL.A., I’ll wrestle you for the last piece of garlic naan. :slight_smile:

Sounds yummy! Thanks for the recipe Ace.



No. :confused:

JohnnyL.A., I’ll wrestle you for the last piece of garlic naan. :slight_smile:


Too late. Had it for dinner last night. But if you want to wrestle anyway…

[Joey Ramone] “Hangin’ out on 2nd Avenue, eating chicken vindaloo…”[/Joey Ramone]