Child Custody Question

I really hate to put this on a totally open forum, but the only other option we’ve found is hiring a lawyer and shelling out $400-500+ per week to get a decent representation.
My SO (female) has split custody of her daughter, her old boyfriend (father) has switched phone #'s since we last talked to him in June (never notified us of the phone changed), and never signed (us) out as her school emergency contact. The Judge ruled my SO deserves split custody (back in 2001). So, basically my SO has no way to communicate with her 7 year old daughter at the moment. We contacted the police, and they said to hire a lawyer. We haven’t seen her since June, and the last time we saw her she told us, Daddy says Mommy doesn’t want you. (this is a 7 year old girl). Can you say poisoning a young mind?

We haven’t seen her since June/July, we gave a call to the cops last week to see if it could count as kidnapping, but the cops told us to call up a lawyer. Can anyone give us an option where we’re not are heading towards a couple of thousands of dollars of lawyers fees and a bitter custody battle?

The last time we saw “Jasmine” (My SO’s daughter) she pretty much admitted that her dad is playing the Dad vs. Mom divorce mantra, her dad telling her that her mom hates her and daddy loves her, though she meekly admitted that she believed her dad was lying about mommy hating her. (Rightfully so).

PS. There’s no way her dad could afford more than $200+ in lawyer fees per month, I could probably afford $1000+, if a lawyer battle ensued.

Does anyone have an idea for a next step in this process? I gotta admit, I never saw this one coming… :frowning:

Hiring a lawyer IS her only option. There is nothing anyone on this forum can do to help your girlfriend enforce the custody order. Unfortunately, it costs money to enforce your legal rights.

There are some free or low-cost legal services out there for women with family law issues like this. If you post what city you are in, there may be dopers who can give you a referral. Or you can try the Yellow Pages/Google search. The ones I know of can only take a limited number of cases, and still require you to pay your court costs at least. Others will have a sliding fee scale based on income.

Good luck.