Chris Kattan quits SNL

Kattan is leaving SNL after this season to move to Hollywood and concentrate on his post- Corky Romano movie career.

That’s funny, I thought that Corky Romano pretty much ensured that Kattan wouldn’t have a movie career.


I just wanted to be the first to say that.

More like: Man, go far, far away from any medium in which I might accidentally encounter you. Please.

The show will be funnier now, simply because now it will be less not funny.

I wish good luck to him and his career and look forward to seeing the show in its new and improved form.

Gay Hitler: A concept that could only be unfunny in the hands of Chris Kattan.

Can you take the blue from the sky?
Can you put the wind in your pocket?
Can you catch a rainbow?


Such is Mango.

God, that guy always gave me the creeps. Note to self: start watching SNL again.

I think I’ll miss Mr. Peepers most of all.

Frankly, I thought that Kattan was doing much better of late. I kind of liked his pseudo phoning-it-in attitude.

But, yes, I will miss the Mango.

Hardly unexpected. Have you noticed how invisible he’s been during the current season of SNL? Lately he’s been appearing perhaps once per episode, usually in a small supporting role rather than in a starring character role. I figured he was leaving, told everyone he was intent on leaving, and they scaled him back to a bare minimum of appearances so that his uninspired acting wouldn’t be an issue, and I’d imagine he probably welcomed the change.

Kattan was funny as hell in “Undercover Brother”. I haven’t seen him in anything else though.

I loved him as the Southern attorney with an accent so thick no one could understand him. Aside from that, though, I thought he usually inspired nervous laughter, rather than ha-ha laughter.

Am I truly the only person who found him hilarious? I feel so alone.

No Mango for you! Why must I be Mango? Why I ask? Why, God, why? Why can’t I be someone normal like John Ritter?

If only I could find the lyrics of the song Andy Dick wrote about Chris Kattan…
I always did find his Mango character funny, unfortunately, nothing else he did ever really made an impression.

The Gollum he did during the SNL news break during the Super Bowl was extremely funny.

Other than that, not so much.

I couldn’t have said more stangely myself.

Yay! Just keep him away from here (he’s from my county, here in Washington)!

I wish him luck in his new career. I wonder if he can say “Would you like fries with that?”

I always felt that when he first got there he was showcased for a few years. It was as if he/they expected that he was going to be the new character actor & break thru star – like Dana Carvey, Mike Myers and to an extent Phil Hartman & that Kattan was never able to pull that off – for whatever reason. Both he and the show were disappointed in that & weren’t sure what to do with each other after it became clear that his stuff wasn’t working (or working wildly).

The points about him less and less being on air and about the nervous laughter I agree with and could be symptomatic of my theory.

I understand Tracy Morgan is leaving too, for a sitcom