Chronos this is a ridiculous mod note

First it’s the reader not the writer that sets the tone. So if you’re getting a bad tone from that post that’s on you not me.

And what exactly, is so vulgar about my post? Was it “boob-diner” that the op used directly under mine?

Gimme a break.

I mean, given that the skimpy tops are often accompanied by skimpy shorts 'Tits and Ass" is really the theme . . . and IMHO calling them that simply expresses the crudeness of the restaurant’s ‘theme’.

Simply because the restaurants themselves are crude, that does not compel people talking about the restaurants to be crude. And of course tone is set by the writer, not the reader, and what was crude about your post was using terms like “boob-dinner” and “breastaurant”.

You think boob-dinner and breastaurant are crude enough to merit a mod note?


For what it’s worth, the latter term (crude though it may be) is, in fact, used in the industry itself, and by the media in articles about such restaurants. And, the term was trademarked, a few years ago, by one such chain (which is apparently now defunct).

Links to evidence, spoiled, just in case:

I’m struggling to get how breastaurant is more crude than Hooters

Those are not terms I would expect to find in the Factual Questions forum. In fact, “crude and sexist” would describe them in any forum.

Then there are two people on this board who are confused.

Only by how far discourse has deteriorated in some circles.

Breast is not a bad word. Neither is boob. You can talk about female anatomy. It’s okay. Really!

Your condescension not withstanding, I have a pretty good idea how to behave in the different forums.

And do I need to go through FQ and see how much “crudeness” there has historically been there before you’ll admit that this note is nothing more than pearl clutching?

“Pearl clutching”?

Yes, really.

Talk about condescension.

I support the mod note (not that it matters). There are places where casual vulgarity are fine (I use it too) but FQ doesn’t seem like one of them.

If “breastaurant” is the industry term, as @kenobi_65 indicates (and given his background in advertising, I take his word), then I don’t see how it’s too crude for FQ.

Fair point.

Not ragging on any of the below posters. These are just examples.

From FQ in the past year (click to view)

Some of those should have gotten notes too (not all IMO). If your point is that sometimes mods miss things and/or they don’t get reported, your point is made.

That’s not my point.

You read through all that in a minute, huh?