Chuck Norris "rules"?

What is the history of this stuff?
I have just discovered it but seems my friends all know about it. Is this taken from something else or is this just for Chucky?


You are lucky you don’t get a roundhouse kick to the face that selectively and permanently debilitates rather than kills you for asking shit like this.

Superman wear Chuck Norris pajamas.

If you really want a joke explained to you, here it is. The current version most commonly uses Chuck Norris as its hero. It is the internet version of a human legend becoming badder and more incredible with every telling of the story (like Davie Crockett and countless others). People took Chuck Norris and stories of his martial arts skills and spun them into these comically incredible things.

Before Chuck, they were Vin Diesel Jokes. Then roundhouse kicks were added and they became Chuck Norris Jokes. Now they’re migrating to Jack Bauer jokes. They’ve all worn out their welcome in the more trendsetting corners of the Internet.

I just asked the same question the other day:

I thought the info there was pretty helpful :slight_smile:

And for my Aussie cousins, replace Chuck Norris with David Boon, eg:

“Boonie single-handedly stopped the Cronulla riots by yelling, 'Oi you blokes. Stop playing silly buggers.”

Even further back (96-98) there was a SNL recurring sketch with this theme about a guy named Bill Brasky

I really had not heard of this until I posted. Always the last to be hipped to these things I guess.

Thanks all for the info.

I really want to see Wilford Brimley facts.

Wilford Brimley once thew a roundhouse kick at Chuck Norris.
He wound up on AFV.

I first came across this sort of joke in “Jack Bauer” format - but since Chuck has been around longer than Jack, I imagine his jokes came first (and he’d probably kill anyone who said otherwise…) :wink: