Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris once threw a hand grenade and killed 50 people…then it exploded


The home of Norris.

Chuck Norris couldn’t beat The Crazy…

Duck Norris is the mascot for Vanbrugh College, University of York.

Bruce Lee beat the crap out of Chuck Norris.

You know why there are so many Chuck Norris jokes and no Bruce Lee jokes?

Because Bruce Lee is no joke.

A Chuck Norris joke once killed 50 people.

Chuck Norris and Superman once fought each other on a bet. The loser had to start wearing his underwear on the outside of his pants.

Freddy Krueger has nightmares about Chuck Norris

Reality is a figment of Chuck Norris’s imagination

There are more Chuck Norris facts than there are subatomic particles in the universe.
Chuck Norris can recite them all from memory.

Chuck Norris isn’t afraid of the dark. The dark is afraid of Chuck Norris.

Doctors have discovered Chuck Norris’s tears can cure cancer. Unfortunately, Chuck Norris never cries.

There is no endangered species list, only a list of creatures that Chuck Norris permits to live.

Chuck Norris can simply walk into Mordor.

Chuck can divide by zero

The whole CERN accelerator is just for show, at the end of the ring is a simple roundhouse kick pad that Chuck Norris breaks the particles on.

Chuck Norris does not do push-ups… He does earth-downs !


Death once had a near-Chuck Norris experience

Can’t wait until we move on to Y2K jokes.

Chuck Norris was born in 1940. Five years later Hitler committed suicide. This was not a coincidence.