c'mon someone else liked ST:Nemesis, right??....

i was watching it on dvd last night. it’s good…right? i mean, i can’t be the only one who liked it, right? Anybody? Anybody?
the plot was decent. shinzon is attractive in a weird way. and everyone has to agree that the senate assassination scene in the beggining looked really really cool. and what about the bridge breach? it came outta nowhere and looked really cool too. it’s well acted enough to breeze over most of the ridiculousness in the plot. so c’mon i cant be COMPLETELY alone here!!

Can I?

Nope, it sucked.

I liked it :slight_smile:

Oh, yes, the senate assassination scene in the beginning …

ROMULAN PRAETOR: No, General, I will absolutely not agree with your plans. Now go away.

ROMULAN GENERAL: Oooh. We’re gonna getcha for that, you just wait and see. (Departs in a huff)

SENATOR VILLAINESS: I would like to say that I totally agree with you, Praetor, and I am absolutely on your side and not a sneaky backstabbing traitor at all. Oh yes. Now, excuse me while I leave this ticking parcel on my seat and go and, er, powder my nose. (Departs, leaving BOMB behind)

ROMULAN PRAETOR: Right. What’s the next item on the agenda? 115.b, sale of fishing licenses on Regulus B …

(The BOMB starts to emit flashing lights. A large neon sign appears over it, saying “I AM A BOMB. I AM GOING TO EXPLODE AND KILL YOU ALL. YES, ROMULAN SENATORS, I AM TALKING TO YOU.”)

A SENATOR: Senator Villainess seems to have left a bomb in the council chamber.

ANOTHER SENATOR: Disgraceful behaviour. I move we dock her attendance allowance.

ROMULAN PRAETOR: Could someone please call Senator Villainess back to the council chamber, and get her to take her bomb away? If it’s convenient for her, that is.

(The BOMB explodes. The ROMULAN SENATORS all die in expensive CGI effects. The VIEWER thinks they should have spent the money on the script instead.)
OK, I’m paraphrasing a bit. But, regrettably, only a bit. And it was downhill from there, I’m afraid.

Well, say what you will, but it didn’t suck nearly as much as Insurrection.

Insurrection was like a middling TVepisode stretched out to however long it ran. It’s beiggest sin is that the stakes weren’t high enough.

Nemesis just blew. Too many new elements (the Remans and B4), too much repitition of themes (after Locutus and Lor, Picard and Data must have been underwhelmed to meet their dark twins), and it just plain wasn’t very good.

I went in expecting mindless entertainment, and that is exactly what I got.

So yeah, I liked it.

I didn’t find Shinzon attractive at all though. I thought he looked kinda cute in the previews, but unfortunately, the previews didn’t, to my knowledge, show his teeth.

They were leering at me, in their nastiness, throughout the whole movie.

I must have goofy taste in Trek movies though. I hated ST: First Contact.

Plot was positively god awful. Big ship was interesting. Rented it and was so bored I turned it off 2/3 of the way through and switched to an episode of the Forensic Files. Interesting CGI… baaaadddd writing.

That’s not setting the bar very high. Is it now?

It had its moments; I didn’t hate it. I suppose Menocchio makes the ultimate point in that the twinning thing had been done before, and better. The movie shouldn’t re-cover the same ground that much.

Some liked it, some didn’t.

I hated Generations, First Contact, and Nemesis. Especially Nemesis. Feh.

okokokokokokokokokokok…there are inconsistensies and various ridiculousness. But what about the bigger picture? The theme? The twin thing had been done before but what about the message? I for one thought the message was brilliant. But im a big dork st fan.

Yeah, well, I’m a big dork st fan too, and I didn’t like Nemesis. It was a cheap action movie with Star Trek Seasoning Packet thrown in.

I liked it. So there.

Hated it. The opening scene was lame, but I was hanging in there until that idiotic desert buggy chase. Nicely shot action, but not a Trek story. Just because those other dudes were heavily armed and trigger-happy does not justify such a flagrant violation of the Prime Directive. I don’t know what the fuck they were thinking.

After that, I picked my fingernails and kicked the chair in front of me.

True enough, but I works with what I gots.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…the opening scene was lame??? no way!! it was cool. I think the shot of the romulan praetor all decayed and falling was one of the most visually interesting shots i’ve seen. then i saw kill bill and that blew it out of the water as far as visually interesting goes.
as far as prime directive violation goes…phah. the prime directive states that there will be no DIRECT INTERFERENCE with pre warp societies. the dune buggy scene was questionable but not what i would call flagrent.

it wasnt like they were spying or pushing technological advancement. just a quick visit and out.

Who’s with me???

I agree that the dune buggy was awful. Why would the federation have a vehicle with wheels? They have anti-gravity technology for christ’s sake. Why did they even have to leave the shuttlecraft? Flying from point to point would have probably been faster. Stupid, stupid.

In the next movie, they should have starfleet take away their phasers and replace them with pointy rocks. It would make about as much sense.

Other then that, the rest of the movie was pretty inoffensive. The scene where they flew the shuttle through the corridor of the ship was actually pretty cool. I remember thinking it was at least original. I can’t think of any similar scene from the series (or any other movie for that matter).

Um, Fabio: “Now THAT’S pod racing!”

I’m just saying…

unless you mean just in the ST movies