Come clean: Who are you really?

After the whole K6 debacle, I felt it was time for me to come clean as well.

This is the real me.

Alias and I are not engaged. She is really my wife.

And these young men are our three kids.

I hope that my lies have not hurt any of you, and I hope that my example will encourage some of you posters to do the same.
[disclaimer] I know the K6 thing really did cause some hurt feelings. Just thought this would be a chance to have a good giggle. No offense is meant by this. I do hope that some of you could post who you really are before some sock has to do it for you. :stuck_out_tongue: [/disclaimer]

Heh. It all makes sense now. :smiley:

The worst part is that I’m not even a deli clerk. I just lied about it because I wanted to be a big shot. I’m really the head of programming at Fox. :frowning: I’m so ashamed.

I really am an avatar of the Aesir and I’d show you my hammer to prove it but I don’t want to be banned.

I’m a figment of my imagination.

I’m actually a 40 year old man.

Okay, maybe not…

I’m that quiet frightened fat guy with the grizzled beard and stringy hair who is always spilling his Splenda onto the countertop while making his Soy Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks.

Me, with my trusty hat.


My name’s not really nori, and I absolutely am not new!

How’d you get Smurfette looking like that, you lucky dog??

Hmmm… norigoodasnew, norinearlynew, norigentlyworn, norifactoryrefurbished.

I really DID grow up in Rivervale, and I wasn’t poweleveled at all!

You forgot “Noricertifiedpreowned.”

But it all makes sense. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m not actually this man

Nor am I him, her or that

Phew. I feel better. :slight_smile:

Sigh. It seems that Harborwolf has outed me. Here’s the real me. This is my wonderful husband. We have two beautiful children. I don’t know why I didn’t come clean before. I’m so ashamed.

Wow. Your children look exactly like your husband. And one is invisible.

::pretends not to notice own coding error::

I am, in fact, one of [url=]these[/these] people. But if I told you which one, I’d have to kill you. I know I made you all think that the ‘ninja’ thing wasn’t real. Sometimes, a ninja must do what a ninja must do.

I am not him.

I am not married to her. I am also not sleeping around with her.

I don’t have one of these. I do not own this DVD.

I have never been held hostage by one of these.

/drops a spoon


Oh, I almost forgot, I’m also a Vietnam veteran .

I was in the Green Berets in 1969, 10th Special Forces Group 1970, 5th Special Forces MACVSOG with 41st Rangers in Moc Hoa. I was shot by a sniper 6 days before the end of my 2nd year in Vietnam.

I am a pair of ragged claws scuttling across the floors of silent seas. Net access is a bitch!